What’s a massive, 11-day, city-wide event spread across multiple venues to do when it’s determined to give every sponsor maximum exposure and every attendee the best possible view of the action? Sounds like a job for “GoTron,” the 9’ x 12’ mobile LED video unit designed by GoVision LP to offer unparalleled flexibility and accessibility for major events like Fiesta San Antonio, which is projected to attract up to 3.5 million attendees from April 16-26.

A Keller company has big plans to be seen at Barack Obama’s inauguration on Jan. 20. The company itself won’t be the focus of attention, but their products will. GoVision LP of Keller will provide four high-resolution mobile video screens that will provide live feeds of the event to the crowd of spectators at the inauguration.

Talk about a smooth transition … GoVision (www.jumbo.tv) will complete a historic sweep on January 20, when its giant video screens tower over a raucous welcome-home rally for President George W. Bush in Midland, Texas. The festivities will mark the fourth in a series of major events that began in 2005 when GoVision’s larger-than-life mobile video units broadcast President Bush’s second inauguration ceremony to the crowds gathered along the National Mall.

Spectators will get much more than a fleeting glimpse of competitors at the fifth annual Head of the Oklahoma regatta this weekend, thanks to the world’s largest mobile LED screen positioned on the banks of the Oklahoma River. In fact, the rowers will appear larger-than-life – whether they are competing in a 500-meter sprint or 2.5-mile head race – as real-time action is broadcast in spectacular resolution on the massive 19′ x 33′ truck-mounted super screen.

GoVision (www.jumbo.tv), a leading provider of jumbo LED video walls and mobile units, unveiled its enormous “GoBigger” widescreen LED unit just three months ago at an outdoor church festival near Memphis, TN.

You just knew one of the world’s largest and most powerful member organizations would put on a massive party to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

And when more than 10,000 AARP members gather for a rally and celebration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday, no one will have to strain their eyes to get a good view. The VIP speakers, guest entertainers and celebrities will appear larger-than-life thanks to two jumbo screens set-up near the steps of the memorial. The daylight-visible LED screens – provided by GoVision LP – offer state-of-the-art video quality and high-definition widescreen resolution.