Hype builds ahead of NCAA Final Four

Thursday, 25 March 2010 by

“Most of the basketball arenas have a center hung piece. You know they have the floor action and they have the action right above the floor and a lot of the football arenas that the NCAA has gone to they don’t have center hung boards that enhance the experience for the fans and that’s where we come in. We hang them up. We did in Detroit last year and that was a huge success and we’ve actually gone a little bigger here at the home of the NCAA for the final four this year,” Jeff Williams, Production and Show Manager of GoVision.

The NCAA’s Final Four Weekend got an eight-faceted form of video support this year with GoVision assisting with LED screens above the basketball court. The Keller, Texas-based company also rolled its GoBigger unit to support related events outside the arena. GoVision, in partnership with the NCAA, configured eight 13.5-foot-by-24-foot Barco D7 LED screens to form the octagonal video wall. The display, suspended from the arena ceiling, presented a considerable rigging challenge with a combined weight of 92,980 pounds.