Social Media engagement and management at events is all the BUZZ these days. Our award winning GoSocial solution powered by BUZZcontrol is specifically designed to connect brands/events with their audiences. GoSocial doesn’t replace or duplicate your existing social teams and initiatives, to the contrary, it energizes efforts by:

  • INSTANT CONNECTION OF ONSITE AND ONLINE AUDIENCE – reach is now exponentially greater as a massive global audience (typically 100x+) is now engaged and participating with the event!
  • INCREASED TSV (time spent viewing) as “sticky” real-­‐time moderated/filtered social posts keep people tuned in as they wait to see their posts … hence consuming more promotions and advertisement.
  • AUTHENTIC REAL-TIME INSIGHT – much more authentic than polling or focus groups, BUZZcontrol gleans unsolicited, unprejudiced, comments and opinions of attendees in REAL-­‐TIME and gives organizers the ability to promote the good and resolve the bad … while it is happening! Want to know the status of traffic, is the concert too loud, too hot, lines too long, web streaming quality, or perhaps which presenters and messaging resonates or what features customers really like about the new product your launching … in moments you’ll have it all and can respond!
  • COMMUNITY IMPACT – every brand/event is trying to figure out how to effectively and genuinely connect with their audiences (guests, customers, employees, fans..etc.) and be relevant. By enabling GoSocial instantly the event/brand’s digital footprint/reputation/savvy/social IQ is lifted dramatically.
  • SIGNIFICANT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY – sponsoring social around an event is single handedly the most prominent, most impactful, most significant, most engaged, highest profile opportunity at an event! Most often GoSocial is paid for by sponsors and an additional revenue stream created for the event! *ROI & VALUE … for the first time sponsors are given hard data and analytics to the impact of their sponsorship as opposed to guestimation or quasi numbers of value.
  • PROVEN SUCCESS for the last 3 years GoSocial powered by patent pending BUZZcontrol has engaged and managed social for some of the world’s largest brands including: Coke, Apple, Ford, HP, Visa, Bacardi, Victoria’s Secret, Chevrolet, Verizon, John Hancock at global events like the Olympics, Stadium Concerts, Formula 1, Super Bowl, NHL, Final Four, Conventions, Politics, Fashion, PGA, Charities … etc

go-socialGoSocial is impacting all sorts of events. The key is to just start. To make it easy we’ve created a GoSocial igniter package. Designed to safely and effectively engage, manage, and reinforce the social conversations happening around your event. It’s a terrific way for you and senior management to get a taste of the impact of this powerful solution without having to involve too many people or commit too much time or resources.

The GoSocial igniter includes:
Activation of BUZZcontrol a few days prior to the event, BUZZcontrol throughout the event, and a few days post event. BUZZcontrol will capture all the conversation occurring about the event socially.

BUZZscreen or BUZZstrip will be activated on the GoVision screens onsite. (this is a simple player app which the GV techs switch on to the screen at whatever time the event desires for as long as the event desires).

buzz-central01A BUZZcrew member will manage BUZZcontrol (moderate live) remotely during the times the BUZZscreens are live. This person approves all content that is relevant and event friendly. This member will also schedule any advertising, promotional, and informational content that is requested to play during the event.

A BUZZgallery will be created of all the unique images posted by your guests and given to you post event for use in future events!


BUZZmetrics will be shared in visual reports each day and a complete BUZZmetrics report will be compiled post event proving the impact made at the event.


Of course if you really wanted to be a social super hero our GoSocial BUZZcrew can easily put together a complete onsite award winning plan and strategy, activating several of our patent-­‐pending products and services that will wow your attendees and more important, your senior management!

Now’s the time to GoSocial!