How a Dallas-area company won a piece of the Final Four

by / Friday, 04 April 2014 / Published in Feature Articles

by Candace Carlisle
Staff Writer- Dallas Business Journal

One of Dallas-Fort Worth’s own companies — Argyle-based GoVision — plans to play a bigger-role in the NCAA Final Four with the help of some really big screens.

The company is installing four massive LED screens beneath AT&T Stadium’s iconic 60-yard video screens, which will be at the center of the action at this weekend’s Final Four games in North Texas.

The NCAA event is one of the highest-performing revenue events of the year for GoVision, which has handled screen time for high-profile events such as the presidential inauguration. But it wasn’t something the NCAA gave GoVision, they had to earn it.

“We’ve worked our way up doing different things and doing a good job for them,” CEO Chris Curtis told the Dallas Business Journal.”Our involvement has continued to grow from 2008 and we are starting on our first year of a new three-year deal.”

The contract was awarded based on performance and a competitive bidding process, said Curtis, who declined to disclose the terms of the deal.

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