H2O Music Festival Just Adds GoVision

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Massive LED screens give concert-goers incredible views of world-class performers

DALLAS, TX (June 12, 2012) – As thousands of music fans streamed into Dallas’ historic Cotton Bowl stadium Saturday for the inaugural H2O Music Festival, they were greeted by three massive LED video screens engulfing the stage. The modular video walls, provided by Argyle-based GoVision, ensured that every seat in the house had a larger-than-life view of Tiesto, Weezer, Mana, Juanes, Snoop Dogg and the other chart-topping acts.

GoVision LP, one of the nation’s premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, erected twin 39-foot x 28-foot LED walls on each side of the main stage, along with a split 30-foot x 48-foot upstage backdrop screen. The screens were configured entirely from GoVision’s vast inventory of Daktronics PST-12HD tiles. Very few companies in the LED rental business can deliver such an extensive array of common inventory, color-matching LED panels.

“For me, it was essential that the screens used on the main stage could compete with the sunlight during the day-time shows, and fortunately that’s one of GoVision’s claims to fame,” said Stefan Beese, co-owner of RE:BE, the Production Designer for the festival in Dallas and the second show in Los Angeles scheduled for August 25th. “We couldn’t have put on the amazing event we did without the GoVision team and their incredible LED equipment. The headliners all incorporate creative video and special effects into their acts, and GoVision made it all come to life in a spectacular way.”

In addition to providing close-up views of the performers throughout the day-long festival, GoVision’s screens displayed sponsor-driven content specifically created by RE:BE Design for the video production to reinforce the brand culture of lead sponsors Univision and MiO. “Since I was asked to design the festival with just six weeks’ notice, I was very fortunate to have been working already with Brady Haass from GoVision on next month’s Essence Music Festival,” continued Beese. “I immediately asked for his help and he came through like a champ.”

“The festival designers pulled out all the stops to create an extraordinary multi-sensory experience for the fans, and GoVision played a central role in the production,” said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision. “Among other things, Beese’s production design bucked the conventional rectangular video aspect ratio seen at most concerts by going vertical with the live I-mag on the video walls.”

“The vertical format allowed a much larger artist presence during close-ups as well as a visually larger height appearance than the typical horizontal ‘letter box’ format can deliver,” said Beese. “In addition, the main stage needed to appear more vertical in design to blend in with the overall festival design of branded custom towers that we paired up with the light show after dark.”

GoVision rigged and customized the upstage screen by splitting it in two, though this was not apparent to the audience until the final headline artist, Tiesto, performed. During his act, the screens moved three feet apart to allow a special lighting truss to jump into the breach and provide a dazzling, custom-built lighting element.

“There were several creative visual elements and crowd-pleasing surprises throughout the event that really rocked the house,” said Curtis. “This wasn’t your father’s music festival!”

For more information on the H2O Music Festival, which moves to Los Angeles for an August 25th show, visit www.h2omusicfestival.com.

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