H2O Festival In Dallas, Part 2: Surrounding Areas

by / Saturday, 11 August 2012 / Published in Feature Articles

(from Live Design, 08/10/2012)

In addition to the performance stage video and lighting for the first-ever H2O Music Festival, designer Stefan Beese and his team at RE:BE Design had to outfit the entire festival scene, including towers, a Mio sponsor gear bar and seating area, VIP section, and more.

In order to achieve this atmosphere, Beese chose to emphasize scale by incorporating vertical elements such as monolithic towers, linear light installations, and large vertical format LED walls. “It was important that you walk into the Cotton Bowl Stadium and get a feeling of an ‘H2O’ city within the Bowl,” he explains. The towers were designed as large-scale “Swiss Army Knife”-like structures, serving multiple functions: branding for the festival promoter and sponsors, seating and shade, misting, and site lighting. These towers were built with a truss structure and wrapped with aluminum-coated Signabond and then CNC-milled with various logo cutouts. The result at night was a dynamic lighting show, as all of the towers were DMX-controlled and synced up with the main stage.

Furthermore, the designs needed to be easily replicated in two venues, Dallas and Los Angeles, where the festival goes this month. From the beginning, the idea was to design elements that can be efficiently reproduced and harnessed low shipping and labor costs. The design is based on interchangeable panels with a truss base structure. The trusses can be rented locally anywhere. That left only the custom panels for shipping.

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