H2O Festival In Dallas, Part 1: The Stage

by / Tuesday, 14 August 2012 / Published in Feature Articles

(from Live Design – 08/12/2012)

Designer Stefan Beese of RE:BE Design and his team took on production design for the inaugural H2O Music Festival, with six weeks to plan and execute the entire event. As the first order of business, it was important to understand exactly what the H2O Festival stood for. Traditionally associated with water, “H2O” took on a new meaning under festival promoter Univision Radio, who wanted it to represent second generation Hispanics in the United States.

To tie this element in, Beese focused on creating content that was generic but still able to communicate across all Hispanic countries. The team first worked on branding, creating skull and color H2O logo-based adaptations of traditional Hispanic influences. These graphics were then used for animations on the main stage and printed materials throughout the venue.

An overview of the festival grounds, showing the towers and stage.

For the overall festival aesthetic, Beese wanted to create a cohesive design that would give festival its own signature look. “I like to get away from the usual ‘tent-and-vendor’ booth concept, and with H2O, we were fortunate to work with a client that had a similar mind-set. They were open from the beginning to explore new ways of creating a festival site that was very much focused on its own design aesthetic with multi-functional installations.”

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