GoVision Creative Services

GoVision Creative Services delivers compelling content that wow’s your audience and integrates your sponsors. Our technical designers can make any screen stand out at your event with cutting-edge design that delivers a consistent, unified look and feel. We develop graphics that drive revenue, entertain your audience and perform for the sponsors. Digital canvases can be traditional LED formats or leverage our new cutting edge elements like LED Cylinders, LED Pylons, LED Cubes and the like.

Our creative services team will work directly with you as an extension of your staff, through a project manager that handles all the details and delivers a high impact, quality show. We have (2) unique approaches that fuel our delivery:

Show Vault – We package everything you need for a great presentation into a comprehensive graphics inventory matrix. These custom made assets create a consistent, branded look and feel. This allows you to have high quality, consistent team/color/sponsor/branded appearance to all content. This raises the quality of the presentation material and customizes the images around the event while allowing you to drive revenue and maximize sponsor value. Want to see how Show Vault can impact your business give us a call.


Proof Central – Automated delivery and approval of your digital graphics that we have created. This useful resource allows you to show clients and/or sponsors what their content looks like and automate the entire approval process. By incorporating this on line tool with other solutions like Dropbox & Google Docs, you will always know what we are working on, what questions remain and when the work will be completed. For examples of our collaboration tools, please contact us.


GoVision Creative Services can produce customized video content such as:

  • 2D/3D Motion Graphics
  • Data panels/Statistical Information
  • Sponsorship Content
  • Custom Branding
  • Camera switching/Live Production
GoVision Acquires Leading Content Provider Graystone Media
Cutting-edge graphics and production expertise adds to GoVision’s live-event arsenal
In a bold move to provide an even more comprehensive suite of services to its growing client list, GoVision LP announced in October 2014 that it has acquired Graystone Media, a leading provider of graphics, production services and live-event content for large video screens and event venues.Headquartered in Portland, OR, Graystone Media was founded in 2007 by Josh Echo-Hawk, who recognized over a decade ago that when customers make a major investment in video displays, they need great content to generate a return on their investment.
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