Essence Music Festival Taps GoVision for Superdome Spectacular

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Massive screens project world-class performers in hi-definition glory

NEW ORLEANS (July 10, 2012) – One of the biggest music festivals in North America filled the New Orleans Superdome over the weekend with an electrifying line-up of R&B, soul and gospel artists – and an array of giant LED walls that gave every music fan in the house a virtual front-row seat.

The 2012 Essence Music Festival rocked the Big Easy from July 5-8 with a cast of chart-topping performers highlighted by Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, gospel legend Kirk Franklin, Platinum-selling R&B artist Keyshia Cole, American Idol winner Fantasia and The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

Sharing the stage with these world-class artists were state-of-the-art modular LED screens provided by GoVision, one of the nation’s premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units. GoVision constructed two 41’ x 26’ walls comprised of Lighthouse 8mm LED tiles on each side of the Main Stage. In addition, three 42’ x 20’ vertical screens made from Daktronics PST-12HD LED tiles provided a dramatic upstage backdrop for the performers.

The festival was the latest platform to showcase GoVision’s extensive array of common-inventory, color-matching LED panels. No other company in the LED rental business can match GoVision’s vast inventory of the highest resolution outdoor LED tiles.

“Once again, GoVision was the company we trusted to provide the large-scale screens needed to deliver the experience we envisioned for our audience,” said Stefan Beese, who served as the Production Designer for the Essence Music Festival for the fifth consecutive year. “We wanted the vertical screens to give the stage a cutting-edge look, and GoVision had the ideal equipment to bring that vision to reality. Together with their production team, we made the integration of graphical content for the artists and the festival’s sponsors seamless and truly eye-catching – just the way it was rendered out and designed!”

The ideation behind the 2012 festival’s stage design was to pay homage to grand theater design – like those seen on large-scale Broadway productions. Beese developed the “big city lights” design aesthetic for this year’s festival by using vertical screen formats to evoke a feeling of greatness and height in the Superdome. “The vertical format allows a much larger artist presence during the close-ups, as well as a visually larger height appearance than the typical horizontal ‘letter box’ format can deliver,” said Beese. “In addition, we replaced many of the usual scenic elements with vertical lighting rigs in order to emphasize the vertical appearance in height, scale and greatness.”

GoVision partnered with Event Producers of New Orleans to coordinate all of the show’s set-up and integration. GoVision also provided Event Producers with a 17’ x 30’ Lighthouse 10mm LED screen for Walmart’s exhibit at the New Orleans Convention Center. Walmart was a major sponsor of the festival.

“We have worked with GoVision on other projects over the years and have found that things just go more smoothly when they’re involved,” said Keith Quick, president of Event Producers. “The Essence Music Festival required a tremendous amount of equipment integration, so it was key that both our team and theirs were on the same page throughout the set-up process.”

Beese and GoVision also worked closely with Matt Webb of Unlimited Visibility (UVLD) to incorporate the media servers needed to drive the graphical content on the LED walls. Beese had previously worked with Webb on other large-scale productions.

“This was a very complex show that incorporated some comprehensive graphical elements with the vertical video feed to create a unique atmosphere for the show’s sponsors and the audience,” said Webb. “Since we had just come off of a similar undertaking with GoVision at the H2O Music Festival in Dallas, we were totally in sync and combined our efforts to put on an amazing show.”

“We’re always excited when we’re invited to be an integral part of a leading-edge production like this,” said Chris Curtis, CEO of Argyle, TX-based GoVision. “We thrive on breaking new ground in the LED arena, and it’s always gratifying to see our industry-leading inventory of Daktronics and Lighthouse LED panels at work in such a spectacular setting.”

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