GoVision Email Newsletter - September 29, 2015

CrowdLead Points the Way

Carbon Fiber Panels Illuminate Iowa State Fair Pavilion

Blackhawks - and GoVision - Celebrate 3rd Stanley Cup in 5 Years
GoVision Struts Its Stuff at Beachbody Coach Summit


New GoGlobes Debut In Vegas

GoVision Screens Master DARPA Robotics Challenge


Employee Spotlight - Tyler Alexander

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Festivals, major sporting events and similar large gatherings often must meet various risk management requirements such as providing directional signage, weather alerts and other emergency messaging. GoVision recently entered into an exciting new joint venture to address this need. It's called CrowdLead.

CrowdLead offers the only portable LED digital message boards specifically designed for live event messaging. These 5' x 8', 10 mm, 12,000-pixel LED screens - which can be networked together and controlled remotely - display full video and multi-color combinations perfect for informational signage, event maps, schedules and other messaging. The small footprint, fully self-powered and contained units have screens that can be lifted 8' off the ground on a hydraulic mast, allowing flexible and easy placement in any location, with 180-degree hydraulic rotation allowing for facing in any direction.

Importantly, the screens provide ideal platforms for sponsor signage, thus converting an event expense into a potential profit center. For more information, visit or call us.


GoVision teamed up with the messaging architects at Corporate Magic to create some dramatic LED images at the 2015 Iowa State Fair, held in Des Moines this August.

At the MidAmerica Energy Pavilion, we assembled a 20' interior diameter screen in a circle above the building using GV10CF (10mm carbon fiber) panels. Our team worked hand-in-hand with Communilux, which provided the scaffolding and crafted the circular exterior that covered the rectangular edges of the LED panels. We then built a curved screen along the wall of a circular planter bed to the left of the entrance using 55 GV10CF tiles. Our Custom Design and Fabrication team manufactured special brackets to affix the ultra-lightweight panels to the planter. The GV10's carbon fiber frames allowed the flexibility to mimic the convex curves of the planter bed.

The 42' x 9' main screen at the top of the steps was built using 48 of our new GV6mm outdoor LED panels. Our technicians used a laser to align the base pieces along the convex curved window of the building before attaching the rest of the panels to the base.

This event gave us a unique opportunity to show off our upgraded technical skills while bringing such a highly elaborate engineering vision to fruition. It was one of the most complex modular LED installations we've ever undertaken, involving a tremendous amount of planning, intricate drawings and specially manufactured brackets all made possible by the ingenuity of our team and the flexibility of our state-of-the-art LED inventory.


The Chicago Blackhawks staked their claim to NHL dynasty status this season with their third Stanley Cup Championship in the last five years. And just as we were in 2010 and 2013, GoVision was there to amplify the celebration.

The GoVision team set-up five mobile LED screens at prominent locations across downtown Chicago to enable Blackhawks fans to see and cheer their heroes as they paraded the Stanley Cup and addressed the crowds. At Soldier Field, we provided a 19' x 33' G16 mobile LED unit and a 14' x 24' G10 unit. We also positioned two 11' x 18' G8 mobile units and a 9' x 16' G4 unit at remote locations across town to allow for maximum coverage and celebration in the Windy City. As before, our team was ready to move the minute the final horn blasted on the Blackhawks' victory, even loading-in overnight at Soldier Field and the other downtown locations.


We've been bulking up for the last couple of years, and we finally had a chance to flex our LED muscles on the beach. (Well, it was in Tennessee, but let's not quibble over details.)

GoVision was asked to supply a six-pack of mobile LED units for the 2015 Beachbody Coach Summit in Nashville this July. Our screens captured the excitement as more than 10,000 personal trainers worked out simultaneously during the annual event's "Super Workout" featuring multiple celebrity trainers. We provided two each of our 14' x 24' G10, 17' x 27' G12 and 19' x 33' G16 mobile LED screens, connected all of the live video feeds to each unit and synced them together to allow for a seamless video display. This required running more than 1,000 feet of fiber cable between each unit throughout the Music City Center due to the distances involved.


The newest - and arguably coolest - additions to GoVision's LED inventory were unveiled last week at the Splunk Conference in Las Vegas.

Our new GoGlobes are eye-catching 10mm LED spheres measuring 1 meter in diameter and weighing in at a maximum of 70 kg (154 lbs). The GoGlobes can be hung and rotated or setup as free-standing spheres on the ground. We have four GoGlobes in our inventory, and our Creative Services team stands ready to create special content for our clients to maximize the impact of this cutting-edge eye candy.

To see our newest stars in action at the Splunk show, click here.


Teams representing some of the most advanced robotics R&D organizations in the world assembled at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA, in June for the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge. The event, which offered a $2 million grand prize, challenged teams to develop robots capable of assisting humans in responding to natural and man-made disasters.

The event's technical producers asked GoVision to provide five LED screens to enable the audience and participating teams to watch as the robots performed a series of tasks, including opening doors, turning a valve, cutting a hole in a wall and moving over rubble and stairs. A 19' x 33' G16 mobile LED screen (previously known as "GoBigger") was positioned in the middle and flanked by a pair of 14' x 24' G10 mobile screens. Two 17' x 27' G12 mobile LEDs were positioned outside of the G10s so that each stage of the obstacle course had its own screen for live video feeds of the robots, DARPA graphics and promotional information.

A compilation video of the DRC Finals offers a sneak peak at some of the most advanced robotics technologies of the future showcased at this extraordinary event.


Tyler was born in Oklahoma and moved to Texas when he was three. He worked as a stage hand for Showmasters prior to his life with GoVision, where he gained a little experience in the live event business. Most of his LED experience has come from on-the-job and "in the field" training, and according to Tyler "having Justin (Eaton, our VP of Production Services) as a mentor was huge!!" Tyler has been an outstanding member of the GoVision team for over 8 years. He has a wife of 6 years, a 15 year old son, and a 4 year old daughter.

Q&A with Tyler Alexander

You were the 6th employee to join the GoVision team. Please share how you found out about GoVision and came to be an employee.

I freelanced with GoVision twice for the Byron Nelson and the Colonial via Showmasters, and Justin brought me in for an interview, offered me a position, and the rest is history.

What's the biggest change, or the most exciting change, you've seen happen at GoVision since you started working here in 2007?

The biggest change for me personally is the workload. For the first couple of years, it was steady, but nothing like it is now. I have seen the company grow at astronomical leaps and bounds. It's been very gratifying to me to be a part of such an ambitious, and dominant company in our market. It's a good feeling when you drive up to a job site and see familiar clients and faces! It's reassurance that you have done a great job, and the client wants you back again and again.

What has been your favorite show to work on so far? And why?

I have done soooo many events, and it's impossible to single out a favorite. I have had the privilege of being a part of shows that people could only dream of doing. Back stage at EVERY concert, in the pits of NASCAR and INDY, a front row seat to space shuttle launches, presidential inaugurations, I mean the list goes on and on!! But the most personally rewarding event of all time was doing the show Extreme Home Makeover on ABC. It was amazing to see a house torn down, removed, and a completely new house being built in one week, for a very deserving family. And yes, they really do it in a week.

Since you travel a LOT, what is your favorite city or restaurant to grab a bite to eat after a long day? What would you eat there?

PIZZA. Since the majority of my shows are in a GoBig (or G6 as it's called now), delivery is king. It's hard to drive a Peterbilt through a drive thru. So when I get a show with a GoTron (AKA G2), it's nice because I have a Dodge to get around town in. But pizza has always been my favorite food, and I have never been to Chicago without getting a pie from there! Gino's East is the best pizza on the planet!!!

We know you don't get much free time, but when you do, what do you like to do for fun & relaxation?

My absolute favorite things to do is to get in a round of golf, and to spend as much time with my family as I can. My parents have an amazing lake house, and it's always good to get away and spend time with everyone swimming, wakeboarding and cruising on the lake. If only I had more time!!! But we make do.

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