GoVision Email Newsletter - September 24, 2013

Screens help crowds pay tribute to fallen firefighters
New 5mm and 10mm LED products are game-changers in the industry

GoVision's team expands to manage new inventory, event growth

Employee Spotlight - Robert Rhodes

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Thousands of local residents, dignitaries and firefighters from across the country gathered on July 9th for a solemn farewell to the 19 elite firefighters that lost their lives in Arizona's tragic Yarnell Hill Fire. The Granite Mountain Hotshots, as they were known, died in the line of duty, and the International Association of Firefighters (IAF) wanted to hold a fitting memorial for the fallen heroes.

The IAF contacted GoVision on Friday, July 5th, and we scrambled to deliver our GoBigger (19' x 33') and GoBig (9' x 16') mobile units just in time for the Tuesday service. Vice President Joe Biden, Arizona Senator John McCain, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and many others gathered in Tim's Toyota Center Arena in Prescott Valley for the tribute.

We later provided a GoTron (9' x 12') mobile unit for a fundraising event benefitting the Prescott Firefighters Charities on July 21st in Prescott.

"We all watched in horror as the terrible news broke about this tragedy," said Chris Curtis, GoVision CEO. "When we got the call on Friday that they needed screens by Tuesday, our team did what needed to be done to make it happen. It was a privilege to do our part to help honor these true American heroes."

Click on the link here for a video clip from the tribute.


We are thrilled to announce two state-of-the-art additions to GoVision's industry-leading LED inventory.

Our new GoVision 5mm Indoor LED tiles expand our ability to serve more indoor and corporate/event planning-type business. These indoor-specific LEDs offer exceptional image quality and will help us meet heightened demand during the winter months when more and more events shift inside. This state-of-the-art technology will be especially popular with our more creative clients due to its light weight and extraordinary image and resolution, which eliminates the need for audiences to be 10' or more away to see a great picture.

We've also just added new ultra-light GoVision 10mm SMD CF, currently the lightest LED tiles in the world. To put this in perspective, traditional "lightweight" products can weigh 125 pounds per LED tile/panel. The 10mm CF - the CF stands for carbon fiber, which explains how the tile can be both light and sturdy - weighs just 10 pounds each!

Because of its extreme light weight, our clients will be able to use LEDs in applications that have never before been possible. Think sides of buildings ... Giant LED arches ... Massive screens in venues that don't have room for traditional LED trusses and rigging ...

So put on your thinking cap, because these 10mm tiles are going to change the way you look at LED. The tiles are semi-transparent - also known as "blow-through LED" - so they can be used for eye candy, images, graphics and full-motion video. You want creative flexibility? The panels, which perform superbly both indoors and out, can also be angled to form various shapes and innovative designs.


As the demand for GoVision's products and services grows, and exciting new technology is added to our inventory, we have been steadily expanding our team to keep pace. We're fortunate to have attracted several talented young professionals to the company over the last few months. Here's a brief intro:

Ryan Smith - LED Technician. Ryan's initial interaction with GoVision came roughly three years ago at a festival in Denton, TX, where he was the Technical Director. He later earned a recommendation from a GoVision employee who was impressed with his video expertise at the Allen Event Center, where Ryan first learned about our Daktronics LED products. Ryan joined the GoVision team in February and has been a great asset to the operations department thanks to his proficiency with our modular products.

Tad McAnally - LED Technician/Driver. Tad served as a freelance contractor for a couple of years before joining us full-time in March. He has a Class A CDL and has driven commercially for many years. One of our former employees gave Tad a glowing recommendation, and he's been working for GoVision since that day. Tad can usually be found driving a tractor/trailer with modular gear or one of our GoBig mobile LED units.

Ash Galvin - LED Technician/Driver. Ash had crossed paths with Jeff Williams, our Director of Operations, a few times over the years since he also worked in the event industry. When Jeff started looking for another experienced commercial driver, Ash immediately came to mind. (His experience driving a sponsor's touring semi on the NASCAR circuit was a definite plus!). Ash will be working on modular shows or driving one of our mobile LED units most of the time.

Lorenzo Sipriano, Jr. - LED Technician/Driver. Lorenzo found his way to GoVision through his father, Lorenzo Sr., who does some freelance driving for us. Lorenzo, Jr. was attending college as a computer science undergrad, but decided that wasn't for him. He did, however, develop a keen interest in video technology. Lorenzo has proven to be a hard-working employee and is completing his CDL requirements now. He'll be ready to hit the road in one of our GoTron mobile LED units later this month.

Brad Merriman - LED Technician/Driver. Brad met our president, Chris Curtis, while on vacation with his parents in the Dominican Republic. Chris spent a few days getting to know Brad and, naturally, told him all about GoVision. Before he left, Chris told Brad that if he wanted to relocate from North Carolina to Texas, we might have a position available for him. A few weeks later, we did! Brad decided to take the leap and has uprooted himself from his family and home state to learn all about the LED world with GoVision.

New Account Executive Robert Rhodes is featured below in our Employee Spotlight.


Robert Rhodes joined GoVision in 2013 as an Account Executive. Rhodes graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Sports Broadcasting and a minor in Journalism. During his time with ESPN and the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Rhodes worked with game operations and helped manage various events during bowl week. While at TCU, Rhodes expanded on his love for sports while working with the Mountain West Conference television network producing and directing sporting events for several TCU sports.

A native of San Antonio TX. When not in the office, Rhodes enjoys fly fishing, playing golf and being outdoors whenever possible.

Q&A with Robert Rhodes, GoVision Account Executive

As a recent TCU graduate, how has your education and work experience prepared you for your career in Sales with GoVision? What has been the biggest surprise in getting oriented into your GoVision position?

My time at TCU combined with my prior work experience both in the video and sports industries has built a solid foundation for my path at GoVision. The biggest surprise in my time at GoVision so far has been learning how to change gears from one project to another quickly and being able to adapt on the fly.

Your background in sports broadcasting undoubtedly gave you an opportunity to experience several different sports. What is your favorite sport to watch? Which one looks to be the most challenging? Did you play sports in high school or college?

Sports have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. While I was never the most athletic kid on the team, I played a variety of sports growing up. In High School, I lettered in Cross Country, Basketball and Baseball. Not wanting to pursue sports at the collegiate level, I chose sports broadcasting as my major at TCU.

College football is by far my favorite sport to watch (Go Frogs) with NBA basketball coming in second. (Go Spurs Go). While I never played Soccer competitively, it seems to look most challenging to play.

You've had the opportunity to work in the field on a few shows, and of course, you've had direct contact with quite a few others since joining GoVision. Which show stands out the most to you so far - either from a sales perspective or as a tech trying to learn more about the LED screen build process?

My first screen build both from the sales perspective as well as the tech side was for a new highway system grand opening in DFW. This was the first time I truly grasped everything that goes into a screen build from both the sales and technical side.

So we know you enjoy many outdoor activities like fly fishing and golf, but what if you're stuck inside?!? If money or location were no object, where would you go for dinner and who would you invite to join you?

As much as I love being outdoors, when stuck inside it's hard to beat a movie or Netflix marathon. Breaking Bad and Newsroom have been keeping me on edge lately. With money and location being no object I would travel to South America, Chile/Brazil, to eat a steak dinner. Accompanying me at the table would be my parents and sister, Will Ferrell, Martin Scorsese, Coach Mike Krzyzewski, and Michael Jordan.

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