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Look Out Below! GoVision Screen Gives Boaters Wicked View of Red Bull Cliff Diving Event
GoVision Screen Adds Bite to 2014 Barracuda Championship


GoVision and Dallas Heart Walk Grow Bigger Together

GoVision Employee Spotlight -
Brad Merriman

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When organizers set out to find a new, "more natural" location for the second stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, they found the perfect spot at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. Problem was, the location was so remote, the best way for spectators to watch the world-class competitors launch themselves off a 100' high cliff into the small cove known as "Hell's Gate" was by boat. This created a difficult sightline challenge with so many boaters expected to attend, until the event producer discovered a private residence where GoVision could install its modular LED screen virtually at the water's edge.

Our technicians constructed a 12' x 20' LED screen comprised of 20 Daktronics PST-12HD panels and suspended it from a truss structure on top of a nearby cliff.

"Needless to say, this was our first experience constructing a screen at the gates of Hell, and the installation was predictably challenging," said GoVision CEO Chris Curtis. "But we made a deal with the devil and everything went off without a hitch."

GoVision has carved out a leading role in the pro golf tournament arena thanks to innovative screen placements like the one recently constructed for the 2014 Barracuda Championship (previously known as the PGA Reno-Tahoe Open).

Spectators lining the 18th green of the Jack Nicklaus-designed Montreux Golf & Country Club in Reno were treated to a 13' x 23' LED screen comprised of 56 lightweight GV10CF panels. The complex landscape surrounding the green and pond required a creative solution to enable the public to view the screen.

The GoVision team constructed a truss system and secured it to the carriage of a telescoping forklift. Our technicians literally stood knee-deep in the water as they assembled the screen row by row, while a forklift raised the entire structure. The finished screen was then completely suspended over the pond. The forklift was hidden behind a group of trees so the crowds could not see how the screen was suspended. This created a stunning visual image within the picturesque setting.

Once the event began, the GoVision team also provided all the content management for the screen throughout the tournament.


In 2008, the American Heart Association asked GoVision to provide a 9' x 12' GoTron mobile LED unit for its annual Dallas Heart Walk. Six years later, GoVision and the AHA are still going strong — bigger and better than ever.

The Dallas Heart Walk has since moved from its original Victory Park location to the much larger Reunion Park. And in addition to its GoTron unit — which this year was used to create a social media area complete with a photo booth and text-to-screen feature — GoVision provided two 9' x 16' GoBig mobile units that flanked both sides of the event stage.

The 2014 Dallas Heart Walk was a rousing success and GoVision's team came through once again. "Your guys were great to work with — flexible, professional and accommodating," said Claire Leigh Kinzy, AHA senior director of marketing and communications. "Looking forward to doing it again next year!"

So are we, Claire!


Brad Merriman - LED Technician / Account Executive

Brad Merriman was born and raised in Reidsville, NC, a small town on the outskirts of Greensboro. Throughout high school and college, music became Brad's passion. He started DJing weddings during his sophomore year of high school and hasn't stopped since — DJing more weddings, clubs, and all sorts of parties all the way through college.

Brad is also passionate about wrestling. After wrestling all through high school, Brad had the opportunity to continue his wrestling career at the Division I College level at Campbell University. While at CU, he studied marketing and graduated with a B.A. in Marketing, in May, 2013. After graduation, Brad was presented with the opportunity to move to Texas to join the GoVision team. He took it!

Q & A with Brad Merriman

How does a North Carolina native end up working in Texas? Please share how you found out about GoVision and made the decision to relocate to Texas.

I actually found GoVision in a random way. My family was on vacation after my graduation, and we ran in to Chris Curtis in the Dominican Republic. We began talking with him and his wife, and our families just clicked off from the start. I was just graduating college at the time and was looking to get into the event industry. Chris was the perfect person to run into. After a few weeks back home and some emails later, I decided without ever visiting Texas that it was a perfect opportunity to start my career.

Besides your family, what do you miss most about North Carolina?

I would have to say the trees and landscape. The leaves are beginning to change colors, which is always a great part of the year.

After working in the field as an LED Technician for a year, you're now getting the opportunity to explore the world of Sales. How has your experience in the field prepared you to work from the other side of the business?

The last year has taught me a ton about the business and how the actual show side of things work — dealing with what it actually takes to make one of these shows run smoothly.

You've had the chance to travel the country and work on many different show sites. Which one has been the most memorable so far and why?

The Lollapalooza in Chicago was one of the most fun shows for me. Being a huge music lover, I have always wanted to go to Lolla as a fan. This was an opportunity to enjoy the behind the scenes side as well as the spectator side of the festival.

Not that you have one coming any time soon, but if money were no object, where would you go for your "dream" vacation? Why and Who would you take with you?

My Dream Vacation would be Rio De Janerio, Brazil. I have never been there, and from pictures it looks absolutely beautiful. I would take my few best friends, my family, and girlfriend McKenzie. We always seem to have a good time with each other and find some way to get into trouble.

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