GoVision Email Newsletter - May 2007
Ice Storm Doesn't Stop GoBig
GoVision Enhances Inaugural Million Dollar Championship
GoBig Increases Visibility of Fan Fiesta
Tips For Using GoVision - Festivals
Meet The GoVision Team - Brady Haass (Director of Sales)

  The entire state of Oklahoma was under a declared state of emergency due to icy weather. Several inches of solid, treacherous ice blanketed the roads in the Tulsa area. But that didn't prevent nearly 15,000 extremely dedicated spectators from braving the wintery weather to pack the Tulsa Expo Center for the feature event of the 21st Annual O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Championships. In the end, two-time NASCAR Nextel Cup champion Tony Stewart emerged in victory lane, defeating a record field of 288 entries.

GoBig braved the elements to be a part of the event. The Chili Bowl also used two screens to run highlights and sponsor messages.

"They did a tremendous job," said Lanny Edwards, owner of the Chili Bowl. "We ran highlights, playbacks and sponsor messages. We have so many people attending the event in a limited space, that we have the screens placed so that anywhere you are at, you can see what is going on down on the track."

"I don't think we could do without it," Edwards continued. "They make the operations so simple for me."

  Lazy E Arena in Oklahoma City hosted the first-ever U.S. Smokeless Challenger Tour Championship presented by Dickies in February. In addition to an exciting new format, the U.S. Smokeless Challenger Tour Championship offered one million dollars in prize money, making it the second-richest stand alone event in PBR and bull riding history. Rider Clayton Williams won the inaugural event which was watched by millions on VERSUS and NBC.

GoVision was an integral part of this week-long event, as well as the 2007 Wranger Timed Event Championship of the World in March.

"It was our first time to use them, and they did an excellent job," said Robert Simpson, Director of Events for Lazy E Arena. GoVision provided a built screen with graphical input for their scoring at the bull riding event.

"I had my guys call in the scores to the production area, and they inputted the scores, calculated it, and put it up on the screen," Simpson explained. "They also did TV spots for all my sponsors. In addition, we did logo presentations that they built into the show."

"As far as the video board for our event, they are one of the production elements that you have to have now. Everything runs off of video - all of the production elements that go into an event such as the sponsor hits are video incorporated."

"They are just not there for replay and showing the action. They are part of the actual show."
  In an era where live television broadcasts, camcorders and cameras are available on the lastest cell phones, GoVision remains on the cutting edge of technology with their innovative solutions. During the Fan Fiestas at the Mexico national soccer team's exhibition games, GoVision played a key role in their text2screen program.

"We had a text2screen program where you can text in a message from your cell phone to a number and it shows up on the GoBig screen for everyone to see," said client Matt Gafford. "In the past, we've also used hand-held cameras at static locations where the image of you is instantly shown on the screen, like something you'll see at Circuit City. For us, its a matter of keeping up with the Jones so to speak. You want to make sure you have something to draw more people to your area."

"There's a soccer game going on inside. While outside there is the Fan Fiesta area - a sponsor village," Gafford continued. "The biggest thing GoVision brought, which really helped us, was visibility. The truck puts the screen 16 feet into the air. So you get vertical, and as bright as the screen is, you can't help but stand anywhere in a given area and be able to see it. If you see it, you're probably going to want to walk over there and see what is going on. With the visibility, I like to think this brought a larger attendance to us."

"Their service is great and they were extremely easy to work with. They have a working knowledge of the industry. They understand events and the goals of what we're trying to do. They took the time to learn what you are trying to accomplish and came up with ways to develop and enhance the overall program further."

"It is the single most hands-off element that I've ever had to work with. They do everything. Its nice to be able to just give them a DVD and let them create magic."

GoVision can be a helpful tool for maximizing sponsorship opportunities for any Festival either large or small.

Advertising Screen
  • Sponsors Commercials: GoVision can play your sponsors commercials to the crowd giving them an obvious presence at the event. With all of the money spent on television advertising, you would be able to offer the same practice but with a more projected demographic and the fact that they can't tune out their message like "changing the channel" on a television.
  • Sponsors Logos: For those sponsors who do not spend a lot of resources on television advertising, GoVision can also show any sponsors logo to give them a presence at your event.
  • Sponsor Production Segments: You can offer sponsorships for pieces of the live production. Here are some examples: 'Schedule brought to you by...", "Live Concert Production brought to you by...", "Trivia brought to you by...". A sponsor can participate with the audience.

    Live Entertainment Screen
  • Concert Video Production: GoVision also offers full video production packages. If you have live entertainment at your event, GoVision can capture the action and project on to the screen giving the entertainment extra exposure. This is also a good way to mix in the sponsorship content with the live entertainment.
  • Exposure Across the Event: GoVision can also capture content for you events' vendors. If there are other attractions at your event then we can walk around highlighting some of the other entertainment options and promoting them on our screen. This allows you to create exposure for sponsors, vendors and the entertainment at your event.

    More Entertainment Options

    Use the idea of our screens being large TVs to your advantage:
  • Show Sporting Events: If there is a local professional franchise in your market then let's show their games.
  • Add Local Flavor: Have a local channel who is a sponsor show their 6 o' clock news everyday on our screen.
  • Add Participation: Hook up a video game console and create a Madden Football Tournament for kids to play outdoors on our humongous screens.
  • Think Out Of The Box: All suggestions are welcome to. How can we add entertainment value to your event.

    Our goal for any event is to provide a service that allows a client extra revenue possibilities. We do not want to be an added cost but a revenue generating concept.

    If GoVision can ever be of service, please feel free to contact us with any ideas you might have.
    Remember, GoBig or Don't Go At All!
    College: Texas Christian University
    Family: Married- wife Stephanie
          Degree: BA Degree in Radio, TV, Film and BS Degree in Speech-Communications
    Time at GoVision: 4 years

    Name a transition in AV Technology that you are excited about.
    I'm an HD nut. I think it is long overdue since the technology has been there. Plus our mobile screens are built for that widescreen look (sales pitch intended)! In all honesty we will look back to Analog TV in the same vein as Black and White TV.

    If you could eat dinner with anybody living or dead who would it be and why?
    Frank Sinatra and I would try and get him to bring the whole Rat Pack. I figure a good dinner has to have great stories and you've got to think Sinatra will have some dooozies.

    If you could put one of your LED trucks at any event what would it be?
    I would love to put a GoBig Unit on Waveland Avenue for a Cubs' World Series. Of course all of my prayers would have to be answered for the Cubs to even play in the World Series.

    What was the best movie you have seen in the last year?
    The Departed was excellent. Scorsese is a great director but Borat was an original concept. Since The Departed was based on a Japanese Trilogy, I'll go with Borat.

    If you weren't working for GoVision what would you be doing?
    I would have liked to play Major League Baseball but reality intervened. I would love to be a part of the game, broadcasting, scouting whatever. To go to the ballpark everyday for work is my idea of the perfect job. But hey, I have it pretty good now.
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