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GoVision Adds College Football to Its National Championship Portfolio

She Said Yes! (So Did GoVision)

GoVision LEDs Dazzle at 'Epic' 90th Anniversary Gala for United Way of Metro Dallas
GoVision Acquires Assets of Transit Image, Creating Largest Mobile LED Screen Fleet in North America


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Employee Spotlight - Annemarie Guillory


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Massive screens to be positioned at Tailgate concert stage, ESPN VIP tent and more

If it's a major national sporting event, you just know GoVision will be there.

As college football fans flood into North Texas for the first-ever College Football Championship Game this weekend, they'll be greeted by a world-class stadium, more Tex-Mex and BBQ than they can shake a stick at, and several massive video walls provided by Argyle, Texas-based GoVision.

At the Championship Tailgate event held outside AT&T Stadium on game day - headlined by the Zac Brown Band - GoVision is providing a 19' x 33' "GoBigger" mobile LED unit next to the main stage, as well as an 18' x 40' GoVision 10mm carbon fiber LED screen for the back. In addition to providing exceptional, high-definition visuals of the concert, GoVision is positioning three 10' x 10' screens comprised of GV 10mm tiles in an interactive social media tower to add experiential elements to the event. Along with the screens, GoVision is providing video production support for the concert.

GoVision is likewise providing two 6' x 11' 5mm video screens and 10 80" LED monitors inside ESPN's VIP Tent within the Tailgate area, and 10 more 80" LED monitors at the Championship Grill inside the venue.

"We've taken our screens to virtually every major sporting event in the country, but there's something truly special about being a part of the very first College Football Championship," said Brady Haass, vice president of client services for GoVision, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units. "We feed off the challenge of performing on the biggest stages where everything has to go perfectly the first time. It sharpens our edges and makes us that much more reliable for the hundreds of other events we do the rest of the year."

The Portland, OR-based Etzel Agency, which is producing the Championship Tailgate event on behalf of the College Football Playoff Group, hired GoVision for the event.


GoVision has long been a major player on the PGA Tour, supplying our LED screens and production expertise to dozens of tour stops in recent years. These events often prove challenging, sometimes due to weather, sometimes due to the client's choice of screen positioning.

And sometimes, we get a request that we could have never anticipated.

That's what happened at February's AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. PGA pro Mark Hubbard had a special request: Would we help him make a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Meghan?

We were, of course, happy to oblige.

We created and posted a special graphic on our 15'9" x 37' '10" screen, comprised of Panasonic 10mm tiles, which was positioned on the 18th Green at the Pebble Beach Golf Links in Del Monte Forest. At the appointed time, Meghan saw the graphic, Mark got down on one knee and he presented the ring. Fortunately, she said yes!

For the record, this is the first time in our 13-year history that GoVision has been asked to be the "Best Screen" by a couple.


Any one of the 21,000-plus VIPs and attendees at the Unite Forever Gala would have agreed with country music star Blake Shelton's characterization of the evening as "epic." The Feb. 6 event, held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, was the 90th Anniversary celebration of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.

The star-studded event featured a who's who of Dallas celebrities and dignitaries - from Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to Ross Perot, Gene and Jerry Jones to Laura Bush and her twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, and such Dallas Cowboys legends as Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett.

The evening was capped off with not one, but two, world-class performances - by R&B sensation Usher and his Voice co-star Shelton - who each played a full set packed with their greatest hits before coming together for a joint encore.

Event production firm Corporate Magic enlisted GoVision to supply two 15' x 27' Impact 8mm modular LED screens for the side of the stage for IMAG support along with a 30' x 30' upstage GV10mm lightweight carbon fiber modular screen for visual backdrops and IMAG. The upstage screen was angled in the middle and weighed in at less than 2,000 lbs. No other screen in the business could be that large and still meet the limited rigging allowance due to its placement below the famed giant screen (aka "Jerrytron") hanging from the stadium's ceiling. This enabled the VIP audience seated beneath the Jerrytron to have an optimal view of the performers.

A local reporter wondered aloud if it was too early in 2015 to proclaim this "the event of the year." We wouldn't argue with that.


20 mobile units, massive modular LED inventory and wide array of content and
production services make GoVision as formidable as they come

Marking its third strategic acquisition over the last 12 months, GoVision LP announced today that it has acquired the assets of Transit Image LLC, a leading provider of mobile, self-contained large format video screen rentals.

When added to GoVision's existing fleet of "GoTron," "GoBig" and "GoBigger" units, the combined inventory - 20 units in all - comprises the largest mobile LED screen fleet in North America.

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GoVision is now a true, full-service LED screen provider following the recent addition of our GoVision Creative Services and Custom Design & Fabrication capabilities. GoVision Creative Services delivers compelling content that wows your audience and integrates your sponsors. Our technical designers can make any screen stand out at your event with our cutting-edge designs, which is especially important for custom LED shapes like cylinders, cubes and arches. The GoVision team also now includes a one-stop shop for custom design and fabrication that is needed in so many creative display projects. All your custom designs and supporting materials can be built here in house as part of your comprehensive GoVision Project.

Check out the NEW editions to our website for more details.

COMING SOON - CrowdLead - The Visual Message Network - A flexible and portable LED message board package perfect for informational and directional messages, sponsorship spots, and other event signage. More details coming soon!


Annemarie Guillory was raised in New Orleans, attended Texas Tech and Tulane University, and worked at Tulane as a Sr. Program Coordinator in the Alumni Affairs department. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Annemarie relocated to Keller, TX where she took a position as a Production Manager for MSR, a semi-conductor parts company in Carrollton. She worked for MSR for 3 years until they were bought out by Texas Instruments. Shortly thereafter, Annemarie joined the GoVision team in June 2012 in an entry-level position, but she quickly advanced to her more crucial role as Operations Coordinator.

Annemarie has 3 children, Christian who is 18, and 16-year-old twins, Kayla and Kaitlyn. She's a huge sports fan, especially fond of the Saints, and she loves to travel and try new things.

Q&A with Annemarie Guillory

Please share how you found out about GoVision and what prompted you to join our team. I was friends with Scott McKinnon, GoVision's VP of Sales & Marketing - our daughters' played on the same select basketball team years ago. He posted the position on Facebook and it peaked my interest. I sent my resume in and Kim called a few days later to set up interview. This is where it gets good. I live 11 miles away from GoVision, but something told me to leave an hour early. My GPS took me to another area in the city, so I was already stressed out before I even got there. I found it someway, somehow and at that time their yard was infested with grasshoppers. I was too scared to get out of my car because they were everywhere. I finally decided it was now or never, so I opened my car door, ran as fast as I could and swatted grasshoppers all the way to safety. I was hired and the rest is history.

You quickly showed your great analytical skills and strong work ethic, which resulted in a promotion to Operations Coordinator. What do enjoy most about your position with the Operations team?
What I enjoy the most is the fast pace because I work best under pressure. Yes, I am very analytical, almost to a fault. I over think everything because I want the end result to be perfect. I can't tell you how many nights I've laid in bed brainstorming on my game plan for the next day and week, and although it doesn't always go exactly as planned it at least gives me a starting point.

As the Operations Coordinator, you schedule travel, work with technicians and drivers, and gather details from the sales and operations teams to pull all the logistical details together. How have your previous experiences prepared you for handling the many tasks you have to coordinate in your job?
As a Sr. Program Coordinator with Alumni Affairs I had to plan various events across the country from scratch. I had to compose mailing lists, work with vendors, venues and alumni to put everything together. Being the social butterfly I am, planning a crawfish boil or an happy hour for 1000 people was an easy task for me.

You've had the opportunity to work on a few show sites, and have provided camera work on a few shows too. Which one has been the most memorable so far and why?
I've worked a few shows mainly to take pictures and I recently ran camera for a charity event in the stockyards. The most memorable event I've worked at was Final Four when it was here in Arlington. Being a huge sports fan I was in heaven. I was able to go in on practice day to take pictures of our screens and I was amazed to see how many hands it takes to make the event happen. Game day was absolutely amazing. I never thought I'd have an opportunity to experience a Final Four and words can't explain how grateful I was to be able to attend. It was AWESOME. I even shed a tear!

If money were no object, where would you go for your "dream" vacation? Why and Who would you take with you?
If money was no object I'd love to take my kids to Europe for a couple of weeks. When I went to France and Italy I remember how neat it was to see the Eiffel Tower and to go the Sistine Chapel. I'd like for them to experience a little of history. But since money is an object, maybe Hawaii is a little more realistic!!!

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   GoVision Acquires Assets of Transit Image, Creating Largest Mobile LED Screen Fleet in North America

   GoVision Acquires Assets of Transit Image

   GoVision Acquires Assets of Transit Image, Creating Largest Mobile LED Screen Fleet in North America

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