GoVision Email Newsletter - June 23, 2015

With Its First Pick, the NFL Selects GoVision for Draft Town

GoVision Screens Help Make ACM's Party for a Cause as Big as Texas

GoVision Provides Record Number of LED Panels to 2015 NCAA Final Four®
Aerial Cameras Add Spectacular Perspective to GoVision's Coverage of Bike the Bricks


GoVision Goes Full Throttle with Motorsports Coverage

6mm Tiles Set New Standard for High-Res Outdoor Viewing


Employee Spotlight - Ryan Smith

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Fans attending this year's NFL Draft, held in Chicago, got a lot more than a procession of 256 player selections. The NFL also staged its first "Draft Town" fan expo from April 2 through May 2 in Grant Park and Congress Plaza. And GoVision was there to give fans the highly interactive experience they craved.

Partnering with C3 Presents, we provided several LED walls that were seamlessly integrated into the exhibits. Four vertical 11.5' x 8.2' MK7 LED screens, configured on a scaffolding cube, allowed fans to test their vertical jump against videos of real NFL players performing the same drill at the NFL Combine. A massive 10' x 160' 8mm LED wall let fans test their speed against NFL stars running the 40-yard dash.

The Solomon Group also contracted with GoVision to provide two 9.5' x 15.8' screens comprised of 230 GV5mm SMD panels for the Draft Central Stage in Draft Town, which enabled fans to keep track of which team was on the clock and to preview ESPN's coverage. Another 18' x 32' 12mm LED screen was positioned along the back of the Draft Central Stage, allowing fans lined up along Michigan Avenue to watch the live telecast.

To make certain that every NFL fan had a great view, a pair of G2 mobile units were stationed in the common area of Draft Town, and two G4 mobile LEDs were set-up on the kids' fields for the NFL Play 60 event. GoVision also provided a 9.5' x 16.5' Panasonic 10mm screen inside the ESPN/NFL VIP viewing tent for the main sponsors.

Overall, GoVision's screens were an integral part of a wildly successful first-year event that is expected to become a staple of NFL Drafts in the future. The jaw-dropping set-up generated substantial media buzz during their live hits from the site, and a certain NFL head honcho was overheard commenting that the 40-yard dash screen was "really cool."

Why thanks, Mr. G. We thought so, too!


When a constellation of country music stars gathered in North Texas for the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards, they did much more than rock AT&T Stadium during a three-hour live television broadcast. And they recruited one more star to make sure the pre-show was even bigger: GoVision.

The 3rd Annual ACM Party for a Cause® Festival: 50 Years of Music & Memories, held at Globe Life Park in Arlington, was a two-day outdoor music event featuring multiple stages with on-going live music performances, interactive experiences and more. The festival featured an unprecedented lineup of country music legends, including Clint Black, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Alabama and others.

Our team built two 30' x 20' screens for the Main Stage inside the Ballpark and two 15' x 27' screens - one each for the Party Stage on the North Lawn and the Cracker Barrel Stage, both outside the park. It took 480 panels of Panasonic 8mm SMD to construct the screens. The result was an extraordinary viewing experience for an epic, historic weekend of live music.


Tens of thousands of college hoops fans descended on Indianapolis in early April to take part in one of the nation's most popular sporting events. They were greeted by more than 9.5 million state-of-the-art LEDs provided by GoVision, LP, all designed to make the experience as visually stimulating as possible.

Once again, our LED panels were omnipresent during the 2015 NCAA Men's Final Four®, held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. This year, GoVision used its creative resources to configure a center-hung octagonal screen that was suspended above the basketball court from the stadium's ceiling. The octagon was constructed with four 18' x 30' video boards, each with a 16:9 aspect ratio, using Panasonic 8mm LED panels, and those screens alternated with four 17' x 21' screens, with a 4:3 configuration, comprised of MK7 LED tiles. The 4:3 screens were used for Hustle Stat boards, while the larger screens provided larger-than-life views of the action on the court. More than 300 lightweight GV 10mm carbon fiber LED panels were used to form a 78' diameter ribbon board along the top of the center-hung octagonal screen.

In addition to the screens inside the stadium, our LEDs once again graced the stage during the three-day March Madness Music Festival held at White River State Park, featuring Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum and other chart-topping acts. For the main stage, we provided a massive upstage LED screen measuring 20' x 40' comprised of GV 10mm CF tiles and flanked it with a pair of 42' x 24' screens made from Daktronics PST 12-HD panels. We built a 13' x 21' Panasonic 10mm video wall for the second stage, and provided additional screens for major sponsors' spaces.

We also constructed a 21' x 24' social media and live video screen for the main entrance to BracketTown at the Indiana Convention Center, a first for the Final Four.

GoVision provided all of the video production for these events. We engaged TNDV for the live video production and UVLD for media service and artist content integration.

In all, 1,775 LED panels, consisting of 9.5 million LEDs and spanning 8,700 square feet of equipment, comprised the record-setting LED inventory marshaled for the 2015 NCAA Final Four weekend.

"The NCAA Men's and Women's Final Four has been an annual highlight for GoVision since 2008, and it's an honor to continue working this extraordinary event," said Chris Curtis, president & CEO of Argyle, Texas-based GoVision. "And hat's off to our crew, who busted their tails to get our equipment out from the four regional sites, as well as two other cities, and here in Indy in time for Saturday's action."


Fans at McKinney cycling event feel as if they're on the bikes themselves

As thousands of spectators lined the streets of downtown McKinney, just inches away from cyclists rocketing by at more than 40 mph, aerial cameras buzzed overhead, capturing spectacular, real-time footage of the 6th Annual Bike the Bricks Criterium. The live stream was fed to video screens that gave fans a never-before-seen perspective on the event - virtually putting them on the bikes themselves - thanks to the creative services team at GoVision LP.

The aerial cameras (a.k.a., drones), provided by Dallas-based redbutton, offered access to areas of the racecourse that a traditional camera and operator could not reach. In addition, they allowed GoVision's production team to track cyclists throughout an entire lap from overhead, without interruption.

"From the production side, we were able to deliver some truly awesome views that very few road-racing events have ever achieved," said Scott McKinnon, vice president and partner of Argyle, Texas-based GoVision, one of the nation's premier suppliers of large-scale LED video displays and related services. "We were able to reposition locations and camera angles very quickly, which was crucial to the production. It was a perfect example of how our new creative services capabilities can add significant value to our LED screens."

In addition to the aerial cameras, GoVision operated a camera at the start/finish line that fed directly to its 9' x 12' G2 video board, which was positioned in McKinney's historic Town Square. Large LED monitors set-up in the event's VIP lounge mirrored the content on the outdoor video board. McKinney Vision TV produced the sponsor content displayed on the screens.

"The drones provided some truly spectacular perspectives on the race, where fans could feel every curve and every hill, and better appreciate what great athletes these cyclists are," said McKinnon. "The novelty factor alone added an element of excitement to the event, but there's no question that the unique camera angles truly enhanced the overall fan experience." As GoVision's video boards glowed throughout the night, thousands of spectators were drawn to the live feeds emanating both from the finish line and from the aerial cameras.

"Today's successful event organizers are constantly looking for ways to engage and entertain audiences on-site with totally unique experiences, while simultaneously creating branded short stories of these experiences for attendees to share and brag about with their millions of socially connected friends online," said Sam Stanton, redbutton's chief experience officer. "Our content team provided the aerial coverage to GoVision and created several short, virally sharable videos while the event was taking place. The moment the GoVision aerial cameras took flight, the wow factor of the event lifted with them."

The Bike the Bricks Criterium, held Friday, May 22, offered $25,000 in prize money along with a test of survival for roughly 500 bike racers. For highlights of the aerial cameras' live feed, click here:


One of our very first clients, more than a dozen years ago, was Texas Motor Speedway - and TMS remains a client to this day. But even as we've helped countless events "Go Bigger" over the years, GoVision has been "going faster" as well.

And this year, we started burning rubber in several other motorsports, including Drift Car, Off-Road Racing and Global RallyCross.

We recently partnered with Panasonic to provide LED screens for several Indianapolis Motor Speedway races, including the Indy 500, the granddaddy of them all. At the Indy 500, we built three 6'3" x 25'2" custom, modular LED screens out of 72 panels of Panasonic 10mm SMD and mounted them on the existing Speedway structures, then complemented those with twin 20' x 27' G14 units at the track and a G6 unit in the Kid's Zone. We provided the same equipment for the Brickyard 400.

But don't start your engines just yet, race fans. We're just getting revved up!

When it comes to revolutionary, GoVision is happy to be in the race. Teaming up with a brand new form of motorsport, GoVision is providing mobile LED units to all the domestic stops for this series of the Red Bull Global Rallycross to show this exciting wheel to wheel racing with huge jumps and other obstacles over a combination course of dirt and asphalt surfaces. The GoVision LED screens are used a little differently here in that Boombox produces the live show graphics, and they also switch in the live broadcast feed from NBC.

Thanks to our newly acquired equipment and our relationship with Business Development Manager Tommy Joe Lucia, we've recently entered into a multi-city, multi-date agreement to provide mobile LED units for various Drift Car events. We're supplying G6 screens for most of them, but the Orlando Drift will get a 20'x27' G14 unit and fans at the Irwindale, CA, race will be watching the action on a 14'x24' G10 LED.

Finally, we're putting our pedal to the metal in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. We provided a 17'x27' G12 unit for the series' first two stops (at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in Wildomar, CA, and Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ), and a 19'x33' G16 screen for the third stop, also at Lake Elsinore. GoVision received a line cut feed (live broadcast) as this event was broadcast live on MavTV and CBS Sports Network.

There's no telling where we'll be racing to next!


LED technology just keeps getting better, lighter and more high-res. And GoVision is staying on the cutting edge with the introduction of our new GV6 tiles.

The 6mm product is an ultra-lightweight product, weighing in at just 40 lbs per tile, which allows us to build some truly massive LED walls that can be either flown or ground supported, while staying within strict weight tolerances. Because the tiles offer extremely high resolution, they can be used both indoors and out, and they allow us to build small LED screens in tight places while having solid enough resolution to read small text, scores, fonts, Twitter scrolls and more.

The GV6 product is a solid/black face LED technology, eliminating the transparency issues found in other panels. And thanks to their light weight, we have another truly extraordinary set of toys to get seriously creative with.

So, if you have an idea for a "crazy" LED configuration you didn't think was possible, we should talk. The GV6 may be just the tile for the job.


Ryan Smith joined the GoVision team two years ago in June upon the recommendation of a friend. He gained IT knowledge and experience starting at Collin County Community College and also North Central Texas College. He learned more about production while working at the Mesquite Rodeo for Fox Sports Southwest and continued working as a freelance technician for TNT, ESPN, Fox Sports, and Channel 8 for over 10 years. Ryan had the opportunity to work with GoVision on occasion while he was freelancing and determined it could be a good fit for his knowledge and skills.

Ryan grew up in the Richardson, TX area, graduating from JJ Pearce High School and then attending the University of North Texas where he graduated with a Communications degree. His parents live nearby in Corinth, TX now. Ryan enjoys music and movies and plays in a local rock band for fun.

Q&A with Ryan Smith, LED Technician

You had the opportunity to work with GoVision prior to joining our team. Please share what brought you to work for GoVision.
My friend Adam Towell recommended me for the position at GoVision. I looked you guys up online and became very interested upon further investigation. My background in production and IT seemed to have many similarities to the type of work an LED Technician does.

We won't tell anyone, but what was the worst job you ever had?
The worst job I ever had was working for a traveling photography company. They worked us to death and they treated all of their employees very poorly.

You've worked for GoVision for a couple of years now. What has been your favorite show to work on so far?
That is a hard one. I would probably have to go with working my first Super Bowl or working any concert with a band I really enjoy. Carolina Rebellion was also very memorable.

Since you travel a LOT, what is your favorite place to grab a bite to eat after a long day? What would you eat there?
I love trying out new sushi places anywhere really. Chicken caesar salad with avocado is another favorite of mine. I like trying out hole in the walls when possible too. Some of the best food I've had on the road I've found there.

We know you don't get much free time, but when you do, what do you like to do for fun & relaxation?
I play drums in a band in Lewisville. Music has and always will be a big influence in my life. I'm big on my movies and Netflix too. I also like going to Top Golf around the corner from my apartment.

   Aerial Cameras Add Spectacular Perspective to GoVision's Coverage of Bike the Bricks

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