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World Cup Fever Heats Up
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Operations Team Stays Cool
When Heat Is On


Obama, GoVision Invited to UCI's 50th Anniversary Commencement

GoVision Employee Spotlight -
Emily Sturrock

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Team USA's success in the 2014 World Cup wasn't just a boon for soccer and its fans in the States. GoVision played a larger than life role, literally, in markets across the nation as fans turned out to cheer on the underdogs and soak in the international spectacle.

The U.S. Soccer Federation kicked off the action in Chicago by enlisting GoBigger - the world's largest mobile high-definition video screen - for a Team USA viewing party on June 16.

FC Dallas followed suit with its own watch party on June 22 at downtown Dallas' Klyde Warren Park, where GoVision constructed a 12' x 20' modular screen using 20 Daktronics PST-12HD panels. A crowd of more than 5,000 turned out for the festivities.

The Houston Dynamo doubled the fun with viewing parties for Team USA's games on June 22 and July 1. And soccer fans in Austin put GoVision's rapid response team to the test by booking GoBigger and a GoBig+ (9' x 16' mobile unit equipped with a 10mm screen instead of the standard 12mm tiles) for a viewing party in Butler Park one day prior to the July 1 match vs. Belgium.

Dallas-based youth soccer training facility City Futsal engaged GoVision to provide a video wall for its Soccer Festival throughout the June 26-28 weekend. In yet another eleventh-hour challenge, City Futsal altered its initial order of a GoTron mobile unit to an 8' x 13' modular unit at 6 p.m. the evening before the festival, due to forecasted rain showers. Our team built the screen bright and early the next morning using 24 Panasonic Impact 8mm panels, with all systems go for the 11 a.m. festival opening.

Though Team USA's thrilling ride is over, GoVision's World Cup run has gone into extra time. GoBigger will be front and center for the Port of Los Angeles' viewing parties on the final weekend of the tournament. And on the opposite coast, a 17' x 27' GoVision unit will carry the action for fans at a major event in Atlanta.

Who knows where you'll see our screens during the finale?

"It's not our preferred mode of operation, but we've certainly proven lately that we can come through virtually at a moment's notice when our clients need us to," said Chris Curtis, GoVision's CEO, when reflecting on the recent spate of eleventh-hour productions handled by his team.

Over the past month, GoVision's crack operations crew has reacted at lightning speed to last-minute requests and changes by our clients. City Futsal's soccer festival (above) is just one example of how our crew literally changed out the equipment overnight from an outdoor mobile unit to a modular video wall constructed indoors. A similar scenario unfolded in Oklahoma in May, when GoVision was contracted by the Oklahoma City Thunder to provide two GoBig mobile units for Kevin Durant's MVP Award presentation.

Since the NBA controls all press conferences, the Thunder (and GoVision) was on stand-by with three possible dates - May 4, 5 or 6 - and we could not put a contract in place until the date and venue was set, two days before show time. Nevertheless, we came through, providing outstanding views for the overflow crowd outside the Thunder Event Center in Edmond - the team's old practice facility.

GoVision didn't disappoint. And neither did Durant, who gave a moving 25-minute speech in front of thousands of fans and a veritable who's who of Oklahoma dignitaries, including Gov. Mary Fallin. In case you missed it, we think it's worth your time to check out Durant's speech here.


The University of California, Irvine naturally wanted to pull out all the stops for its 50th Anniversary commencement ceremony, held June 14 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. So they invited the President of the United States to address the 8,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional school students from the Class of 2014. And they invited GoVision to provide massive LED screens worthy of such a momentous occasion.

Fortunately, we both accepted the invitations.

Our team coordinated extensively with the White House staff on myriad production and technical issues before constructing twin 15' x 24' modular LED screens from 60 Daktronics PST-12HD tiles, which flanked President Obama during his speech. In addition, a 35' HD Mobile Production Unit enabled us to provide turnkey production services that tied our screens to the fixed stadium screen, along with multiple cameras and flat-panel monitors stationed throughout the venue.

The graduation ceremony was one for the ages, and it served as the official kickoff to the university's 50th anniversary celebration.


Emily Sturrock joined the GoVision Sales team in May 2014, and brings more than eight years of experience in Management and Sales. Her experience in customer-oriented service operations and business development, including sales, marketing, promotions, and cost control exemplifies her leadership qualities and professionalism. Emily exhibits excellent communication skills, as well as exceptional organizational and planning abilities while maintaining positive relations with staff and customers in high-volume, fast-paced operations. Emily claims she enjoys new challenges, so we think GoVision is the right place for her to be!

Emily is a Management graduate from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. She is also a scuba certified diver and has completed more than 400 dives.

Q & A with Emily Sturrock

We all know GoVision is your dream job but if you didn't get into the exciting world of LED Screens and Entertainment, what would you be doing?

I am happy to be a part of the GoVision family and have been working toward a sales position in this industry. However if I did not have this opportunity, I would most likely be working for a resort executing events or running a fast paced restaurant. If I chose another profession outside of what I have previously done, I would love to experience living in the Caribbean and teaching people to Scuba Dive.

How has your education and work experience prepared you for your career in Sales with GoVision? What has been the biggest surprise in getting oriented into your GoVision position?

My work experience has prepared me for this position by allowing me to understand the flow of events and how much work it takes to successfully execute one. I have learned how to maintain loyal, long lasting relationships with clients through constant communication, assertiveness and persistence. People not only look for a great product, but they also value great customer service which lines up perfectly with my degree in Hospitality Management.

Not that you have one coming anytime soon, what would be your dream vacation? Consider money as no object.

My dream vacation would be to stay in a hotel room that is built over the clear ocean with a glass bottom. My destination would be Palau which is a part of the Micronesia island group. I would relax in the water, sail and scuba dive every day, it is supposed to be one of the best dive spots in the world.

When you're not trying to sell another GoVision show, how do you normally spend your free time?

I enjoy being outside and staying active, preferably an outdoor water activity such as scuba diving or a music event. I love to try new restaurants and enjoy great food and beverage in a fun social environment. Modifying my JEEP and off-roading is also extremely rejuvenating. All of these activities are only noteworthy because of the amazing people in my life that I am extremely thankful for.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world (living or dead, real or fictional), who would it be? And where would you go for dinner?

I would have dinner with my Grandmother Broome who traveled the world. I was never old enough to hear the stories about her journeys. We would go to a nice little place on the water in Thailand.

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