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  GoVision LED Screens in the Spotlight at Obama Inauguration
GoVision Sets the Stage for Cowboys Halftime Show

Stunning 8mm Screen Helps Bring the "Gift of Christmas" to Life

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Company's HD video units will be on Capitol Steps, Mall for 3rd consecutive event

WASHINGTON, DC (January 17, 2013) - When the world tunes in for the swearing-in of President Barack Obama on Monday, five enormous mobile LED screens provided by Texas-based GoVision will be impossible to miss. The video walls - including the world's largest high-definition mobile LED unit - will be strategically positioned on both sides of the U.S. Capitol's steps, and at the head of the National Mall to ensure that the massive crowd will enjoy a larger-than-life view of the historic moment.

The January 21st event marks the third consecutive time GoVision (, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, has been chosen as the mobile video provider for the Presidential Inauguration ceremony. The company also provided four jumbo screens for President George W. Bush's second inaugural ceremony in 2005, and for President Obama's 2009 swearing-in.

GoVision's crew is already on-site, setting up its "GoBigger" unit - the world's largest mobile HD screen, measuring a true 19' x 33' (or 627 square feet) - and a 17' x 27' LED screen on either side of the Capitol steps. In addition, three 9' x 16' "GoBig" units units will anchor the high-definition video coverage for the crowds from the top of the National Mall. The screens are comprised of state-of-the-art Daktronics PST-12HD tiles.

GoVision is proud to have been invited to provide five state-of-the-art LED screens for the 2013 Inauguration of President Barack Obama. GoVision provided the two large screens that flanked the steps of the U.S. Capitol and three large screens positioned at the top of the National Mall. CNN also used a GoVision screen at their live remote studio on the Mall. This was our third consecutive Presidential Inauguration.

The remaining screens located on the National Mall beyond 4th Street, and at the Washington Monument, were placed by another vendor on behalf of the Presidential Inaugural Committee 2013.

"Live events don't get much bigger or more visible than a Presidential Inauguration, so it's a real honor to have GoVision's screens front-and-center again this year," said Chris Curtis, CEO of Argyle, TX-based GoVision. "You don't get invited back a third time for an event of this magnitude if you don't get it right the first two times, so we're excited to be tasked with this vital element of the ceremony yet again."

In addition, CNN contracted with GoVision to construct a 10' x 17' modular LED screen for its broadcast set. The video wall, comprised of Panasonic 8mm panels, is integrated into CNN's Live Remote Stage at the intersection of 12th Street and the National Mall. CNN will be broadcasting from the area on January 20th and 21st.

"We worked with CNN on their election night coverage in November, so we were pleased they asked us to help them again at the Inauguration," said Curtis. "They are obviously planning wall-to-wall coverage of the festivities, so they'll be putting our screen to good use."

Two more mobile LED screens, GoVision's 9' x 12' "GoTron" LED units, will be on-hand for an Inauguration-watching party at the Canadian Embassy in downtown Washington, DC.

Kenny Chesney's Thanksgiving concert highlights kickoff of Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign

ARLINGTON, TX (December 3, 2012) - When country superstar Kenny Chesney took the stage for his globally televised concert during halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Cowboys and Redskins, GoVision was right there with him.

No, that wasn't Chris Curtis on lead guitar. But his company did provide a 23' x 23' modular LED stage floor comprised of Pandora 10 tiles, which was divided in half for wheeling onto the stage. GoVision's team then attached the halves together on the field to create a dynamic video surface on which Chesney performed. The high-resolution, lightweight Pandora 10 tiles, which are mounted on a strong aluminum alloy structure, have a 10.4mm pixel pitch and 48x48 pixel panel resolution.

GoVision also provided eight 7.5' x 7.5' Mitrix video substages adjacent to the main stage on which several members of the band and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders performed.

GoVision was hired by Dallas-based Media West Events, which provided technical production support for the Cowboys' world-renowned Thanksgiving Day halftime extravaganza, which always attracts one of the biggest television audiences of the year. The show also served as the official launch of the Salvation Army's 122nd annual Red Kettle Campaign.

"As always, GoVision did a magnificent job, providing its state-of-the-art equipment and the technical expertise necessary to create a spectacular video production," said Mike Kuntz of Media West. "We always know we can count on a seamless show when GoVision is involved."


One of the most spectacular and elaborate Christmas celebrations in the nation -- staged by Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas - featured a cast of more than 1,000 performers, live camels, flying angels, a living nativity and a massive LED screen provided by GoVision.

The 7.6' tall x 68.9' wide ground-supported LED wall comprised of Panasonic 8mm modular panels not only served as a magnificent backdrop throughout all seven performances of "The Gift of Christmas," but provided for several dramatic visual effects when the center 7.6' x 10.1' area of the wall rolled forward roughly four feet to allow the entertainers to enter and exit the stage. The stunning high-definition screen was angled to provide ideal clarity and mounted on a moving set piece track system that allowed the screen to glide smoothly back and forth.

"The team at GoVision went above-and-beyond on our show. After we encountered some rigging issues at the eleventh hour, we realized some last-minute adjustments were required," said Alex Perry, a managing producer with Prestonwood Baptist. "Even though the issues were unforeseen and unrelated to GoVision's scope of work, the GoVision crew stepped up and worked with us to solve the problem. In the end, the show was a success!"

GoVision's state-of-the-art 8mm LED tiles represented a dramatic boost in resolution from the screens Prestonwood had used in years past. The panels also enabled GoVision to help the show's creators bring their artistic vision to life in a way they had not thought was possible.

"Prestonwood's dramatic and original set design allowed us to get really creative with our screen staging, rather than just throwing two I-Mag 'rectangles' up there," said Chris Curtis, GoVision CEO. "The 8mm panels give us tremendous flexibility and perfectly illustrate why we've been capturing more and more high-end indoor stage show business over the past year or so."


1. We all know GoVision is your dream job but if you weren't involved in the exciting world of LED Screens and Entertainment, what would you be doing?

I am a baseball nut. Pretty sure if I didn't start working for GoVision 10 years ago out of TCU, I would have tried to work my way up the MLB ladder for some franchise. Maybe I'd be the unlucky guy trying to break the Cubs curse.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job with GoVision?

It used to be experiencing the entertainment aspect of the world. I loved being a part of events that got the general masses excited. But now I am starting to enjoy the creative aspect of entertainment. I never thought of myself as creative but in working with GoVision, I have had opportunities to work with great set designers and production managers that actually appreciate my input. That is a good feeling.

3. What is your least favorite thing to do at GoVision? Don't worry, we won't tell ...

There is nothing un-fun about GoVision. The industry can be different matter. The travel is exhausting. Hotel rooms and 100 degree show sites can wear on you. Our ops team would agree with this sentiment since they spend more days away from home than I do. But when the event comes off without a hitch and you had a lot to do with that, you take great pride in it. I know I didn't answer the question but it's a bit loaded.

4. You've had the opportunity to work on many of the high-profile projects GoVision has undertaken, including Presidential Inaugurations, Final Four & the Big Dance, SXSW & Essence Music Festivals, and so many more. Which show stands out to you the most? Why?

From an attendee standpoint, seeing a NASA Shuttle launch at night was the coolest thing I never thought would give me chills. Getting to meet Ron Santo, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams while at a Cubs Rally was surreal too. But from a big show standpoint, Essence Music Festival was a great challenge. That set was breathtaking and a lot went into that show being successful. When I left New Orleans there was a strutting moment where I was impressed with what everybody at that event and with what GoVision accomplished. Challenges like that don't come around every day.

5. Not that you'll take one anytime soon, but if money were no object and you had to go somewhere -- Where would you go for your dream vacation?

Since I have 2 year old twins, I would take my wife somewhere for some peace and quiet (she deserves it more than me). We would probably sleep the entire time but if you had great scenery thrown in to the mix, a place like Jackson Hole. That could be the perfect get away at this point in my life.

6. When you're not working on GoVision proposals, how do you like to spend your free time?

I love sports so it is always on as I'm working on stuff. But the few weekends at home that I do get, I try to spend every moment with my kids. They are at a fun age and I miss a lot of their daily accomplishments. Anytime I can just take them to the playground, I usually have a blast.


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