GoVision Email Newsletter - January 27, 2014

GoVision Beefs Up Indoor LED Arsenal with New 5mm Tiles
GoVision's 5mm LED Tiles Debut at Texas Motor Speedway Media Event

GoVision Unveils New Ultra-Lightweight 10mm CF Tiles

GoVision Screens Light Up Loyola University Fundraising Event

Ever Seen a Chandelier Made of LEDs?

GoVision Screens Add Visual Texture to GES' Earth Harp and Drum Wall exhibition at Expo! Expo!

Employee Spotlight - Steve Daniels

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Most of today's high-end LED tiles require audiences to be 10 feet or more away to see a great picture.

Fortunately, tomorrow's technology just arrived.

GoVision recently introduced its new state-of-the-art 5mm Indoor LED panels. The cutting edge technology offers premium, high-end resolution and image quality and allows the company to continue its rapid growth in the indoor event segment of the rental industry.

The panels can be viewed clearly from as close as three feet, without loss of clarity. Their light weight also opens new possibilities for indoor venues that lack traditional rigging. In addition, the technology has become more cost effective whereas standard 4mm and 5mm equipment has typically been extremely expensive to rent.

"We're thrilled to expand our internal inventory with these 5mm tiles to enable us to target and serve more indoor and corporate event-type business, especially in the winter months when demand peaks for indoor equipment," said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision, LP. "We've started reaching out to our more creative clients and letting them know how these new tiles are about to shift the event landscape. Indoor shows just got a lot more interesting."

GoVision's new 5mm Indoor tiles also allow for smaller screen applications - including 5-feet, 6.5-feet and 8-feet tall - where previously a minimum height of 9 feet was required for crisp images. The high-end resolution and image quality also enables GoVision to cross the spectrum into close-in video applications such as trade show booths and expos.

"Now more than ever, GoVision is in a position to be the complete solution provider for our clients, able to serve all of their needs, both indoors and out," said Curtis.


We are thrilled to announce two state-of-the-art additions to GoVision's industry-leading LED inventory.

For more than a decade, GoVision has provided Texas Motor Speedway with the most advanced LED video technology on the market to ensure that its giant crowds have the best possible views of the races, concerts and other major events held there. In late September, GoVision debuted its most revolutionary indoor technology yet, at a media event that ironically was all about another video screen. A much bigger one.

Argyle-based GoVision constructed a massive modular video screen comprised of its new 5mm Indoor LED tiles in the Speedway's ballroom to complete a full-scale mockup of the racetrack's back stretch at 1/10-scale. The event was called to announce that TMS is building the largest video screen in the world.

"It's not often we're asked to bring out our LED screens to trumpet another LED screen, but it ended up being a great platform for unveiling our incredible new indoor equipment," said Chris Curtis. "We've had the privilege of working with Eddie Gossage and his team at TMS for more than 10 years. While their new monster screen will change the way we work together, we look forward to being involved at the track in new and exciting ways for many years to come."

"As always, Chris and his team did an outstanding job at yesterday's event, which is why we have relied on them for the last 11 or so years," said Gossage, president of Texas Motor Speedway. "Even though we're about to install the world's largest and most spectacular LED screen on our backstretch, I can assure you we haven't seen the last of GoVision's screens at TMS."


Many venues simply can't accommodate large, elaborate LED screens due to weight-load restrictions and rigging constraints.

Until now, that is, thanks to the ultra-light GoVision 10mm CF tiles recently on display at several events, including the 2013 Nature Valley 1st Tee Open in Pebble Beach. The cutting-edge technology debuted at a corporate event in late September, the same day GoVision took delivery. Constructed from sturdy and durable carbon fiber - hence the "CF" - the new 10mm CF products are now the lightest LED tiles in the world, weighing in at just 10 pounds each. To put this in perspective, traditional "lightweight" products can weigh 80 pounds per LED tile/panel.

"Our new 10mm CF tiles have essentially expanded the universe for LED applications overnight, allowing us go places and do things that have never been possible before," said Chris Curtis. "Think Times Square, giant LED arches, massive screens in smaller venues that can't support traditional LED trusses and rigging. The possibilities are endless, and we're having lots of fun dreaming up innovative ways to deploy this revolutionary technology at our clients' events."

GoVision's 10mm CF tiles are as versatile as they are lightweight. With exceptional 5000-nit brightness, the surface mount diode (SMD) tiles are equally effective indoors or out, and offer more than enough brightness for full sunlight applications. Clients may use them as traditional LED screens or take advantage of their 40-percent transparency to create dynamic "blow-through" visual effects and eye candy. And their ultra-light weight means heavy-duty trusses and rigging are no longer necessary.

The tiles may be configured both vertically and horizontally, and can be angled to form varying shapes, thus providing the ultimate canvass for creative LED designs, such as lining buildings and bridges, gazebos, lifestyle centers, ballrooms and convention centers and more.

The new tiles have already been booked for several shows that otherwise could not have accommodated such large LED configurations. On Friday, October 25th, a 17' tall x 28' wide screen comprised of GoVision 10mm CF panels dominated the stage during the Dallas Opera's live simulcast of "Carmen" downtown at the new Klyde Warren Park. Due to weight load restrictions and rigging points, only a 9' x 16' screen would have been possible before. Instead, the ultra-lightweight screens filled the entire available "window" on the stage.

The next day, GoVision constructed a 14' tall x 23' wide screen at Dallas' Majestic Theater for the International Ballet Theater's performance of "The Weaving." Heretofore, traditional solid LEDs could not be rigged in-house because they are simply too heavy.

"We've just started scratching the surface on all the new ways we can use these tiles," said Curtis. "We've advised many of our long-time clients to put their thinking caps on, because the game has just changed."


GoVision was asked to provide several LED screens and related technical services for a major fundraising event held at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD, on December 7-8. To add to the complexity of the event, a massive snow and ice storm hit just as the GoVision team was heading out from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The storm also swept through Baltimore while the crew was on-site.

Screens were needed in three primary areas during the event. For the Main Area, GoVision constructed a 18' x 30' modular video wall comprised of 126 panels of Panasonic 8mm (Lighthouse Impact 8) LED tiles. This 8mm screen featured true HD resolution, was suspended from the ceiling and used as a backdrop to the event in the Main Area.

The team also used 180 tiles of GoVision 10CF (carbon fiber) ultra-light tiles to create six (6) 20' x 8' vertical LED screens in the Reception area in a separate part of the arena. The GV10mm tiles are the lightest LED tiles in the world. These 10mm CF screens, hung from a staging truss, primarily displayed graphics, including donors' names. The screens weighed just 350 pounds each and were designed to give a "matrix-like" effect, with donor names raining down. Then, portraits of the donors were displayed in vertical format.

In a Tent two blocks down from the main arena, we built an 11' x 19' LED screen from 84 GoVision 5mm SMD indoor tiles. The top three panels of this screen were hung off genie lifts, while the ground supported the rest of the screen to distribute the weight evenly and safely. GoVision also provided an MBox Media Server, two LED Technicians and an MBox Operator to handle the various screen displays and content.

The Tent event was scheduled for Sunday, December 8th, but was postponed until Monday due to an excessive accumulation of snow on the roof overnight. The GoVision team remained on-site and made certain the show went off without a hitch.


Planet Productions and GoVision teamed up to push the creative envelope at the 100th Anniversary Gala Celebration for Children's Medical Center of Dallas. The November 2nd event featured a giant center-hung "chandelier" comprised of 54 GV10mm CF tiles, which was hung from the ceiling of the Dallas Omni Hotel.

It was a perfect example of the kind of large LED application that could not have been possible without the ultra-lightweight 10mm carbon fiber tiles recently introduced by GoVision.

The top section of the video chandelier consisted of 13 tiles on two sides, with 7 tiles on the other two. The modular screens were vertically mapped on the taller section, while the bottom section - which was constructed with two sides of five tiles each, and two sides with two tiles each - was horizontally mapped.

Colorful graphics ran on the LED chandelier to enhance the room's décor and provide an eye-catching centerpiece for the event.


When GES decided to share with Expo! Expo! attendees how it blends art and science to achieve a competitive edge for its clients, the Global Experience Specialists turned to a pair of uncommon musicians. And GoVision.

GES' booth at the IAEE's Annual Exposition in Houston featured a giant Earth Harp and Drum Wall that captivated attendees with its unique sounds and artistry. To complement its "Art and Science of Engagement" exhibit, GoVision was asked to construct a modular LED screen comprised of 28 of its new GV 5mm Indoor tiles.

But this was no ordinary video display.

GoVision's team had to provide real-time artistic integration with both the giant Earth Harp and Drum Wall so that each time a string was pulled, or a drum was beaten, the note would echo and display in different color patterns on the LED screen. This involved downloading custom software and learning, on-site, how to integrate and operate the program per the client's specifications.

In the end, GES staged an unforgettable exhibit, thanks in part to our technicians that regularly go above and beyond to provide so much more than a standard LED screen on which logos and other simple graphics are displayed.


You recently had your 8th year anniversary with GoVision, and were a freelance contractor for year before that. How has the company changed since you first joined the GoVision team?
A lot has changed actually. When I was introduced to the company back in 2005 there was no modular inventory. In fact, there was nothing substantial except for three GoBig units. We would bring the trucks inside the shop and using a fork lift with spans, we would remove the screen, break it down and load it onto a rented box truck. That was our modular inventory. And when the show was finished ... we'd put it back on the GoBig and off it went. I can't say that I miss those days.

As the focus of GoVision has expanded from primarily Mobile LED units to include more modular, customized and creative shows, how has your role changed? What has presented the greatest challenge? What are you most proud of pertaining to the management of the warehouse?
So much of what we do is fast-paced and cutting edge. As the company has grown, so has the inventory and with it our ability to maximize our presence in new markets which brings new challenges. With that, my role has undergone quite a transformation in the last 8 years, and I do a lot more behind the scenes support than I used to.

We've grown from 5,000 to 21,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and we have obtained huge amounts of inventory over the years. For me, the biggest challenge is inventory management -- making sure the right gear is in the right place at the right time. Obviously, there's more to it than that, but inventory management is key. Al has been the full-time warehouse assistant and my right hand for almost 4 years, and many of the technicians and drivers also pull double duty in the warehouse. Kudos to those guys! Without their help, the warehouse wouldn't function the way it needs to.

One of the perks of working at GoVision is getting to attend or work on some high profile events. Is there a show that stands out as the most memorable to you? And Why?
You know, I think I listed the 2010 Final Four in Indianapolis once before. I wish I could say something really cool like the Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary or any of the Presidential Inaugurations, but the fact is the scope of my job doesn't require me to travel as it does the other staff. Thank you for asking. Next question please.

When you're not at GoVision, what do you like to do for fun?
Well, right now the majority of my time away from work is spent studying. When I need to break away for a while, I like to spend that time with my family. We take "adventure walks", I like to hit the gym, try to stay up on current events (but often fail) or just hang out. We're pretty big Netflix junkies so if we can find some good brain candy we like to tune the rest of the world out for a few hours.

Not that either of these will be happening any time soon, but if money were no object, where would you go on vacation? Or where would you like to live when you retire?
If money were no object, I think I would build a castle with high-speed internet, probably fiber optic, buy the best footie pajamas available and then begin serious efforts to understand William Shatner's singing career. Let's be honest, the man is a legend!


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