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Massive high-def video screens unprecedented for PGA event

This year's Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club outside Chicago featured more high-definition video screens than have ever been placed at a PGA Tour event.

The PGA of America hired Texas-based GoVision, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, to provide and install 12 massive LED screens throughout the golf course. Three other large video walls were positioned at the Ryder Cup Gala event that was held at the Akoo Theater in Chicago.

A 12'7" x 31'11" screen captured the attention of viewers across the globe. The giant video wall was constructed in the middle of a pond on Hole #15.

"This is the most screens we've ever done on a golf course," said Chris Curtis, GoVision's president. "There's nothing like this in golf."

The PGA of America wanted to provide an unprecedented viewing experience for the spectators attending this year's Ryder Cup. The typical PGA Tour event uses two to four LED screens throughout the course.

The same LED tiles on display at Medinah came directly from the 2012 U.S. Open Tennis Championships in New York earlier this month.

"It's been a crazy few weeks for us, going from the U.S. Open to the Ryder Cup," said Curtis. "But we're no strangers to the global stage. In fact, our team thrives on it!"

All of the modular screens on-course at Medinah were comprised of state-of-the-art Lighthouse 8mm tiles. The screens used for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were Lighthouse 10mm tiles. The advanced technology behind these LED tiles offered excellent image clarity, high resolution and wide-viewing angles, making them ideal for any indoor or outdoor application.

For more information on GoVision and its involvement with the 2012 Ryder Cup, be sure to check out the Production Profile in the November Issue of PLSN

Jumbo LED screens featured at election-viewing events in Boston, Chicago

The eyes of America were glued to their television sets on November 5th as election results trickle in from across the nation. Millions of households tuned to CNN, which supplemented its wall-to-wall coverage by hosting election-viewing events in Chicago and Boston, the respective home bases of President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.

As has become the custom at such high-profile events, GoVision's state-of-the-art LED screens were front and center. CNN hired Texas-based GoVision, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, to provide and install its giant screens at both free public viewing events to ensure that the anticipated large crowds would have an excellent view of the progressive vote counts and CNN's award-winning coverage throughout the night.

In Boston, GoVision built a 24' x 40' modular screen comprised of Panasonic 8mm tiles and mounted it onto a truss structure at the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The mammoth screen offered true HD thanks to its massive pixel count, and was frequently visible during CNN's "Election Night in America" coverage.

For the network's Chicago event, GoVision provided its 19' x 33' "GoBigger" unit, the largest high-definition mobile LED screen in the world. The truck-mounted video screen was located along Randolph Street in front of the James R. Thompson Center Plaza in downtown Chicago. It, too, was a regular sight throughout CNN's "Election Night in America" broadcast.

GoVision worked with Production Design Associates of Charleston, SC, which handled all of the logistics around the election-viewing events.

"We have been privileged to work with a large number of very important events, including the last two Presidential Inaugurations; but when it comes right down to it, few things are as historically significant as electing a U.S. President," said Chris Curtis, GoVision's president. "We're proud that CNN entrusted a portion of their election night coverage to us, and our team was ready to do its part to ensure that their audiences were treated to a memorable experience."


More than 700,000 tennis fans converged recently on the USTA Billie Jean National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, NY for the U.S. Open, one of the sport's most prestigious events. Hundreds of athletes took to the DekoTurf for the 14 day competition, which took place in three stadiums and 33 courts spread around the campus.

And capturing it all, for both the on-site attendees and viewers from home, was an army of media, organizers and sportscasters who were networked into one of 13 GoVision HD outdoor video screens placed around the complex.

This was the first year GoVision screens were at the U.S. Open according to CEO Chris Curtis, and it's the most LED screens he's set up at a single event in the 10-year history of the company. For 10 months of the year, the courts are open to the public for casual play, so there's no need to have expensive, hi-res video equipment on the scene except for the two permanent video walls installed in the stadiums.

But when it's time for the Open, everything changes and the campus becomes a city teeming with athletes and spectators who need to see the action, get scores and schedules and absorb sponsor messages. GoVision's task was to team with Panasonic to provide LED walls for 13 different installations which ranged from 12 to 54 feet wide, including streaming banners and mobile units mounted on trucks.

Getting the video walls to the complex was one challenge, requiring four semi-trucks and 20 people for load-in and set-up. Weather played a factor during set-up as well. "We lost two days to rain, and just had to make it up in effort and overtime," says Curtis.

Another challenge was discovering that all their design work had been done with eight-year-old drawings that didn't take into account any structural changes that had taken place in the previous years. "We had to retrofit the existing infrastructure to accommodate the new gear by modifying every structure," says Curtis.

But professionalism and persistence ruled the day and when the gates opened on August 27, GoVision was ready - truly a win for everybody.

Leading LED rental firm engaged at four venues during Austin's race weekend

Organizers of the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin left nothing to chance when it came to providing spectators with an unobstructed view of the inaugural race and its accompanying festivities.

GoVision LP, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, was hired to provide its state-of-the-art video screens at no fewer than four venues throughout the weekend, which culminated with the November 18th race won by British-born Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 F1 World Champion.

For the Formula 1 Paddock Club, a high-end clubhouse catering to the international elite attending the race, GoVision provided five Barco NX4mm screens (measuring 4.9' x 8.8'), five 90" flat-screen monitors and stands, and the LED processors and technical support needed to run the equipment. In a unique twist, GoVision encased each of the Barco screens in a customized surround structure to provide an upscale, polished look and feel. Geneva, Switzerland-based Allsport Management S.A., which owns the Paddock Club and all trackside advertising at Formula 1 races, selected GoVision to fulfill its exacting standards for the high-end hospitality venue.

Circuit of the Americas (COTA), the newly built track that hosted the nation's only Formula 1 event, hired GoVision to construct a 9' x 16' modular LED wall comprised of Daktronics PST-HD12 tiles, in a booth-type setting, to show live feeds from the race, football games and other pre-recorded content in its F1 Fan Fest in downtown Austin.

COTA also hired GoVision to construct a 15' x 24' modular screen, comprised of Daktronics PST-HD12 tiles, at the Austin Convention Center for its Friday and Saturday evening concerts. GoVision's technical team made certain that attendees had outstanding views of the featured performers, including international superstars Enrique Iglesias and Flo Rida.

And at the ExxonMobil Fan Fest in downtown Austin, GoVision provided a 10' x 19' modular video wall comprised of Lighthouse Impact 8mm tiles. The screen was hung on a GoVision truss system and connected to two television monitors inside the interactive fan zone, providing live race feeds and pre-recorded content to fans in multiple viewing locations. ExxonMobil's marketing team even wrapped the truss structure with a promotional cover - a first, to most observers' knowledge.

"GoVision has played an important role in some of the world's biggest events, but this was our first foray into Formula 1 racing," said Chris Curtis, founder and CEO of GoVision. "Austin did America proud as host, and the GoVision team did its part to make certain the spectators from around the world and around the U.S. were treated to extraordinary views of the race, the concerts and everything else that goes into making Formula 1 such a grand, international spectacle."



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