GoVision Email Newsletter - December 9, 2014

GoVision Wraps Up Year of Explosive Growth
GoVision Acquires Leading Content Provider Graystone Media

GoVision Continues Expansion with Opening of California Offices
GoVision Team Fans Out from Coast to
Coast on Company's Busiest Weekend Ever


Racers, Fans Treated to Innovative LED Screens at NYC Marathon

GoVision Unleashes Strange Magic at Voodoo Music Festival


GoVision Creative Services Adds Sizzle to Formula 1 FanFest

GoVision Employee Spotlight - Charles Manning


GoVision has grown in every year of its existence. But 2014 was off the charts!

We began the year with 24 employees and, driven primarily by our West-coast acquisitions, we'll finish with just under 50 full- and part-time employees, along with a multitude of freelance contractors. And after our record-setting 2013, when we completed 403 shows, we are on course to do almost 500 shows in 2014!

And guess what? We're gearing up for even bigger and better things in 2015!

Read on for a few of our most recent highlights, including the addition of two great companies to the GoVision family ...


Cutting-edge graphics and production expertise adds to GoVision's live-event arsenal

In a bold move to provide an even more comprehensive suite of services to its growing client list, GoVision LP announced today that it has acquired Graystone Media, a leading provider of graphics, production services and live-event content for large video screens and event venues.

Headquartered in Portland, OR, Graystone Media was founded in 2007 by Josh Echo-Hawk, who recognized over a decade ago that when customers make a major investment in video displays, they need great content to generate a return on their investment.

"No matter how technically advanced your screens are - and GoVision clearly has the best equipment in the business - they're only as good as the content that's fed to them," said Echo-Hawk. "We have worked very hard to be the best at developing compelling content. Our clients want graphics that wow the audience, but it's more than that. We strive to engage sponsors, create a revenue stream and execute with cutting-edge technology. We love to be creative, and we take great care of our clients. Chris and his team at GoVision are the best at what they do, and I'm proud that they feel the same about us."

Like GoVision, Graystone Media has extensive experience partnering with sports and event properties at the collegiate and professional levels, concert tours and other live entertainment events. Graystone also provides staffing, production/technical management for clients, including managing in-venue presentation for athletic departments. Clients include Arizona State, Washington State and various other athletic venues.

"We've worked with Graystone for some time, so we've seen firsthand how they add value to our video screens," said Chris Curtis, founder and CEO of GoVision, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units. "It just made sense for us to join forces and capitalize on our mutual strengths. Josh and his team's expertise will enable us to provide even more creative content and production services to our clients, while our national footprint and world-class sales team will expand their reach even more broadly."

The transaction gives GoVision another physical presence on the West coast, following its February acquisition of the assets of Los Angeles-based InnoVision Media Group.

"GoVision's customer-focused perspective is what's made us stand out over the years, and it's a philosophy we share with Graystone," said Curtis. "That's one of the many reasons I'm so pleased to be joining forces. With our screens and their content, this team is going to be awfully tough to beat!"


Acquisition of InnoVision Media Group's assets sets stage for additional growth

One of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units just made a significant acquisition that establishes a West Coast beachhead and increases its manpower and technical capacity.

Argyle, TX-based GoVision LP announced today that it has acquired the assets of InnoVision Media Group, another prominent player in the LED rental space. The transaction gives GoVision its first physical presence outside North Texas, expands its inventory of state-of-the-art LED equipment, supplements its portfolio of blue-chip clients and adds depth and experience to its management and technical teams.

Los Angeles-based InnoVision was founded by Darren Moffett in 2005. The company specialized in providing creative event technology solutions for the live event, corporate, broadcast, trade show, marketing, sports and touring industries.

"I've been impressed by how Darren built InnoVision into one of the most admired companies in our industry," said Chris Curtis, founder and CEO of GoVision. "I'm glad he's now part of our team."

GoVision acquired InnoVision's LED inventory and other advanced technology and Moffett has been hired as a Vice President of GoVision.

As a result of the asset acquisition and already-planned growth, GoVision is expected to add a dozen or so employees this quarter.

"GoVision is clearly one of the elite companies in our business, so I am excited to join forces with Chris and his team," said Moffett.

Like GoVision, InnoVision worked with most of the top sports and event properties in North America, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA, X Games, U.S. Open, AEG, ESPN and Red Bull.

"We've wanted to open a West Coast office for years, just to make it easier for us to serve current and future clients out there," said Curtis. "This is the best of both worlds, because we not only plant GoVision's stake in the ground in California, but we add a team of professionals that will make us an even better service provider and a more formidable competitor. This is an exciting day for everyone at GoVision."


What were you watching the first weekend of November? Whatever it was, chances are you saw a GoVision screen at least once, if not several times.

From Daytona Beach to San Diego, New York City to Austin, GoVision screens were scattered at no fewer than 14 events, on a weekend that went down as the busiest in GoVision's 13-year history.

GoVision supplied multiple screens in a wide range of configurations to the New York City Marathon (details below), covered a faster form of racing at the Circuit of the Americas Formula One event in Austin (more below) and made certain NASCAR fans caught the race's finish at Victory Lane at Texas Motor Speedway.

We likewise supplied jumbo screens for golf tournaments in Fort Worth and Jackson, MS; an experiential marketing event in Las Vegas; a gymnastics competition in Daytona Beach; an election day event in Richmond, CA; a concert in San Diego and the Diwali Mela Festival of Lights in Dallas.

But that's not all! Baylor football fans were treated to a GoVision screen outside their new stadium; spectators at an off-road vehicle competition in Glamis, CA got a great view as the dirt flew; and we explored the dark side at the Day of the Dead event in Coachella, CA, and the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans (more below).

"It's a good thing we've expanded our staffing and technical resources, because it was all hands on deck that weekend," said Chris Curtis. "As always, we came through with flying colors, and we're gearing up for even busier weekends to come."


More than 50,000 determined runners completed this year's New York City Marathon held on Sunday, Nov. 2. But they didn't just show up and start running. They had to train extensively for weeks, months, even years to qualify to participate, then compete in one of the world's most prestigious land races.

GoVision is no different. Our years of experience qualified us for the high-profile assignment of providing high-tech screens all across this year's racecourse and venues. Then, after months of preparation and project management meetings, and a full week of set-up, it was go time.

We began by constructing two 80' run-out ribbons comprised of 40 Daktronics PST-12HD panels tiles at the starting line, which were used for sponsor graphics and signage. Then, we positioned nine mobile LED units throughout the streets of New York City to make certain race fans across the 26.2-mile course had a great view of all the action as it happened and were kept up-to-speed with the latest timing and results.

Our team also assembled a 60' Ultra-light LED screen across the Photographer's Bridge at the finish line, which included a time clock flanked by welcome and congratulatory messages for the runners. The bridge would not have been possible without our GV10CF panels - the only LED product in the world light enough to hang across the 60' span without a massive truss structure.

We likewise built a 20' x 32' LED wall comprised of GV10CF tiles in the Race Expo at the Javits Convention Center's Crystal Palace. This massive screen ran videos to pump up the runners as they entered the expo, communicated vital information and featured additional sponsor branding and visibility. Once again, our ultra-lightweight tiles enabled us to construct a screen of this size despite significant rigging limitations, while being daylight-visible and bright enough to display crystal-clear visuals despite the abundant light streaming into the building.

Finally, our technicians constructed a 10' x 30' LED screen out of GV5mm Indoor panels for the Media Hospitality Area.

"GoVision is known for pioneering the latest technology and equipment in the event industry, and we added another first with the 60' LED bridge at the marathon's finish line," said Scott McKinnon, vice president and partner at GoVision. "Nobody could have done that a year ago, but thanks to our new GV10 carbon fiber tiles, we made it happen. It was pretty spectacular, if I may be so bold."


Halloween in New Orleans isn't complete until the Voodoo Music Festival casts its spell. GoVision through the New Orleans based company Event Producers, played an important supporting role in this year's massive music and arts festival by providing LED screens and technical services.

Our team assembled screens in several configurations, using a wide assortment of cutting-edge technology, including:
  • Two 33' x 20' Main Stage panel screens comprised of Panasonic 8mm tiles;
  • A 20' x 40' Main Stage screen made from DigiLED 7mm MK7;
  • Two 19' x 13' screens for the LePlur Stage constructed with Panasonic 10mm tiles;
  • One 10' x 20' 8mm screen and one ground-supported 5' x 20' 8mm screen connected for the custom LePlur Stage set design; and,
  • Twin 13' x 3.5' and a pair of 10' x 3.5' GV10 Carbon Fiber LED screens hung Upstage to provide vertical eye candy on the LePlur Stage.

"Live Nation and Event Producers pull out all the stops at the Voodoo Music Festival, so we get the chance to be pretty creative with our screens on both stages," Brady Haass, GoVision's vice president of client services. "It's one of the most visually stimulating events of the year, and we've been fortunate to play a part in it."


When the U.S. Grand Prix comes to Austin's state-of-the-art Circuit of the Americas track each year, fans are treated to more than America's only Formula 1 race. "The Live Music Capital of the World" also throws a party that's as bodacious as the Lone Star State itself.

GoVision was asked to design and build a giant LED entry arch for the Formula 1 FanFest event, as well as a large LED cylinder. The dual-sided arch was constructed from Panasonic 8mm panels and the cylinder from GV10CF tiles. GoVision Creative Services was brought in to create and manage all the content shown on these innovative tableaus.

In addition, we provided three GoTron 9' x 12' mobile LED units , as well as two 11' x 18' modular screens assembled with 60 panels of Barco OLite for the Austin 360 Amphitheater, which featured concert performances throughout the three-day event.


Charles Manning was born in Gladewater, TX, but found his way out of the small town through the U.S. Army. His time in the military gave him the opportunity to attend U.S. Army Signal School-Morse Code, Satcom, and Teletype schools, U.S Army Airborne School, U.S Army Special Forces School, as well as the University of Maryland Munich and San Francisco State University. He also had the opportunity to play semi-pro football while in Europe.

Charles officially joined the GoVision team in February 2008, following extensive training and education as well as concert tour experience. According to Charles, "the thing that really prepared me to work with Govision was my life in the military. There was a lot of preparation, a lot of long hours and camaraderie, and always knowing that the mission comes first over anything else. Plus I look at each job like this, no matter how challenging they get, no one is trying to kill me so how bad can it be." What a great attitude!

Q&A with Charles Manning

How did you find GoVision? Or did GoVision find you? Please explain what you were doing when you were hired to join the GoVision team.
I was first introduced to Govision when I worked for the University of North Texas as a trainer. I did a gig where we were taking panels off the trucks to be used in a modular setup at the Cotton Bowl. After that, I freelanced off and on with the company. I came to work full time for Govision after getting back from the Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour, and have been here ever since.

You're one of the Senior or Lead Technicians with GoVision now. How has your job changed over the years?
One of the big changes I've watched is the growth of the company. We no longer have to take panels off the truck to do modular shows. Our inventory of LED Products has grown substantially over the years as well as the number of shows we do and the type of shows we do. We have a great sales staff, a great group of technicians, and we have grown every year since I started working at GoVision. I can't wait to see what happens this upcoming year.

You're a certified Rigger. Was that training you received in a previous position? What prompted you to earn that designation?
How did I become a rigger? Well the honest answer is I started like every other stage hand, was given an opportunity to rig and really enjoyed being up on the beam. I had some really good people training me. So I learned a lot. There is a sense of safety and responsibility that is drilled in your head when you rig because mistakes can be deadly.

You've had the chance to travel the country and work on many different show sites. Which one has been the most memorable so far and why?
I love to travel as everyone knows. The most memorable show has to be Lollapalooza - not only are we in the beautiful city of Chicago, but we are at one of the biggest music festivals in the world and we work different stages at different times. It was challenging and challenges are always fun. To hear people admire the job we did and to get future business for our company because of that hard work is what this is all about.

Not that you have one coming any time soon, but if money were no object, where would you go for your "dream" vacation? Why and Who would you take with you?
My dream vacation would be to take my family to a ski resort over the Christmas holidays, rent a cabin, and spend time teaching my grandchildren to ski and just enjoy being with my family at the end of year, as well as watching the snow fall and looking forward to the next year. There is something peaceful in that for me.

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