GoVision Email Newsletter - December 2005
GoVision Enhances Historic Shuttle Launch Experience
GoVision Reeled in for Pro Bass Championships
GoVision Brings Race to Finish Line Crowd
Wastin' Away In Salsaritaville
A Campfire Movie with GoBig
  Space Shuttle Discovery launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center July 26, 2005, ending a two-and-a-half year wait for the historic Return to Flight mission. STS-114 included breathtaking in-orbit maneuvers, tests of new equipment and procedures, and a first-of-its-kind spacewalking repair.

But Return to Flight was more than a single mission. It launched a new era of human exploration that's far-reaching but focused, ambitious but affordable. Return to Flight illustrates NASA's ability to learn from mistakes and its determination to prevent new ones. And it paid tribute to a crew of seven brave astronauts on the Space Shuttle Columbia, who two years ago gave their lives in the pursuit of the knowledge that comes from exploration.

"GoVision supported us here at Visitors Complex with GoBig, their mobile truck, which provided the live NASA feed from the launch pad so that our guests could see all the events leading up to the launch," explained Phil Clarke of the Kennedy Space Center. "They also put a screen at the NASA Hall of Fame where we were hosting guests for the launch as well."

"It was a very good experience. They were very flexible when we had to scrub the first launch and postponed it for a few weeks. The equipment was great and worked great outdoors, which was one of our major concerns with a daylight launch in the bright afternoon sunshine."
  The Cabela's Top Gun Championship is the only real world championship in professional bass fishing. The event brought together the Top 25 anglers in the world according to the State Farm World Rankings in the first and only true Super Bowl-like event in bass fishing, bringing the best anglers from both the BASS and FLW Tours.

The angler who wins the event is the Top Gun for that year. This year's winner on Texas' Eagle Mountain Lake was two-tour pro Brent Chapman from Shawnee, Kansas.

Broadcasting the event video in the bright August afternoon sun to a crowd of around four thousand proved to be no problem for GoBig's screen.

"For a daylight event, it's hard to get crisp video in the sunlight," said Scott Laney of the BassFan Championships. "We used the GoBig unit. That's great to be able to show some really clear video during the day. They showed our event video and did our show introduction each day. They added some killer visuals."

  The 2005 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon was a great success as over 1.5 million spectators cheered the 34,000 participants. Felix Limo of Kenya recorded the fastest marathon time in the world this year with a time of 2:07:02. In adddition, the Marathon's 43 charity partners, including the official charities, The American Cancer Society, AIDS Marathon, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, benefited greatly from the event.

GoVision was on hand to enhance the finish line experience as well as provide an effective medium for commercial and sponsor messages.

"GoVision provided two video screens for the finish line at the marathon," said Brandon Presern, Operations & Logistics Manager for LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. "We put one unit on each side of the street. This enabled spectators to watch the participants on course while waiting at the finish line for their friends and family members."

"The screens added alot of excitement to the finish line. There is a two hour window from when the elite athletes leave the start line, to when they make it back to the finish line. By broadcasting the race on the video screens spectators could watch the race develop on course."

"When the live television broadcast ended, GoVision was able to capture video of the rest of the runners coming in across the finish line. GoVision was great to work with. They were very helpful and self-sufficient."
  At the 10th Annual Margarita and Salsa Festival, patrons had the opportunity to enjoy musical acts including Robert Earl Keen, Randy Travis, and Clay Walker, while sampling some of the best margaritas, salsa, and queso in Central Texas. And GoBig was on hand again to spice up the event, bringing a concert stage presence to the crowd of over 10,000 people.

"We've used them the last three years," said Joe Griffin, Production Manager for Universal Entertainment. "When you do an event that size with ten thousand people, the GoBig screen really adds to the magnitude of everybody's experience. The audience is able to see what is going on the stage even if you can't get close to the live performance."

Besides providing the live feed for the event, GoBig's versatility also allowed the Festival to highlight their charity, the Arthritis Foundation, with special announcements and commercials during the set changes.
  Looking to blaze a new trail with the Iowa Fireman's Association convention, Tim White turned to GoVision to broadcast their competitions and events.

"I was the chairperson and set out to do something that had never been done before, and everyone was real impressed," explained White. "We're still getting comments back from people on it that it was pretty neat we did it."

"For three days, they filmed and broadcast our firefighting competitions and events for the State Fireman's Association," White continued. "One night they showed a movie in the campgrounds for us. It went real well. We were awfully happy with what they did for us. GoVision exceeded our needs. Anything we asked them to do, they did it."
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