GoVision Email Newsletter - August 2005
  The 2005 Komen North Texas Race for the Cure®, was the most successful in its 15 year history, and GoVision played an important role in displaying video messages to the over 10,000 participants, which included over 600 survivors.  

"We had some key messaging that we wanted to get out and were able to use GoVision for some live announcements," said Andy Allbee of EDS, the race's local presenting sponsor. "We used them at both the starting line and the finishing line. We also had a message from our CEO and some other key supporters who couldn't be at the event, so we used GoVision to display their messages."

In the end, over $500,000 was raised toward the fight against breast cancer. 

"We broadened the scope to bring race results, photos and actually gave some of the sponsors some additional exposure that they hadn't planned on," Allbee continued. "The feedback was very positive and GoVision added a nice element to the Race."
  Facing a tight schedule to find a large LED screen for the several thousand AOL employees attending the company's 20th Anniversary Celebration, Viva Productions turned to GoVision for a quick solution.

"We were looking for a company that could provide us a huge LED screen presence," explained Alicia Lewis of Viva Productions. "We were under a very tight schedule and GoVision responded quickly. They happened to have their GoBigger truck in the area and brought it in. Everything turned out perfect."

"We had a live broadcast that we played on the screen for all their employees. Also, we showed some of their music and videos that AOL had made in the past. GoVision was fantastic."
  The task for the CNN's 25th Anniversary / World Report luncheon -- bring in a top quality video screen that could be quickly installed while a large tent for over 350 world reporters was being built around it. The solution ... GoBig.

"It was quick, clean and done well," said Guy Tuttle of Televent. "It's kind of an interesting thing. What we did was build a tent over an exterior area. As they were building the tent, we left part of the inwall out. We drove it in, finished building the tent around it and put the thing up."

"It was interesting using a truck as an interior application. GoVision was able to meet our schedule as far as being able to get it into the tent, and then leave enough time for the tent to be closed up and make it look suitable to the public. It had to be a clean, tightly run event and GoVision came through."
  As the Spurs prepared for their NBA Championship Trophy and locker room champagne celebrations during the final moments of the deciding Game 7 in San Antonio, GoBig was busy driving around outside the arena informing thousands of fans that Academy Sports was the first place to buy their prized NBA Championship apparel.

"Our stores were going to be open right after the Spurs won," said Jason Wooden of Academy Sports. "They were going to be open late and we were the first place that you could get the licensed NBA Championship gear. What we did was run a promotion on the side of their truck and used it as a mobile billboard running downtown around the arena and the hot spot areas."

"It worked out great. GoBig then went to our main location and the screen was set up facing the highway, and was a billboard right in front of the store."

It certainly attracted the attention of the Spurs supporters, as the store was forced to limit the number of shoppers and ultimately stayed open all night.
  The GoBig truck was again an integral part of a number of Spring-time festivals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with the big screen presence allowing the fans in all areas to feel more a part of the musical shows.

At the Taste of Addison, the weekend blend of food from over 50 local establishments, live music and family activities, Sister Hazel, Smash Mouth and the Little River Band headlined the event. Arbor Daze 2005, which has brought international attention to Euless for its commitment to beautify and improve the environment through the planting of trees, featured the Kool and the Gang and the Doobie Brothers.

"We had about 20-30 thousand spectators in a field and GoVision makes it a special occasion because people in the back can see what is going on at the concert," explained Michael Davenport of the City of Euless. "With a stage that big, you lose some detail. With GoVision bringing the big video truck in, even the people at the back are able to see the detail of what is going on the stage."

"It also helps with the presentations that we do. We were able to put the Mayor and representative of the Forestry Service on the screen and everyone can see what is going on. They did a great job and brought a lot to the table. We've used them for three years and they're always very competitive price-wise. We have been very happy with them."


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