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GoVision Covers Atlanta in LED Screens for Final Four Festivities
GoVision Screens Cover the Action at 2013 Shell Houston Open

GoVision Rallies with Dallas Men Against Abuse

GoVision to Add Video Screens in Cowboys Stadium for NCAA® Regional Tourney

Meet GoVision's Justin Eaton

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Massive video screens to tower over Big Dance Music Festival, CBS Party

ATLANTA (April 8, 2013) - The eyes of the sporting world will be locked on Atlanta when the 2013 NCAA Men's Final Four® arrives on April 5th. And as has become the custom, state-of-the-art LED screens from GoVision will be hard to miss at the biggest events around town.

Argyle-based GoVision, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, has been hired by Turner Sports to provide giant screens for its Big Dance Music Festival and Madness After Dark, a private party for CBS Sports.

At the Big Dance Music Festival - thought to be the largest event held at Centennial Olympic Park since Coca-Cola's 100th Anniversary - GoVision is constructing three massive screens to ensure that every music fan gets a great view of the performers, regardless of their vantage point.

The Main Stage will feature two 45' x 24' Daktronics PST-12HD LED screens flanking stage right and left, while a 24' x 60' Daktronics PST-12HD LED screen will be positioned upstage. The two vertical screens on each side of the stage offer design flexibility for content while the vertical IMAG elements give them a larger-than-life feel. These screens can also be broken up into three 15' x 24' 16:9 aspect-ratio boards to allow, for example, a social marketing platform, sponsor ads and logos to all run live on the screens simultaneously. This capability will be put to use often, as dynamic content provided by sponsors will run throughout the performers' set changes.

The upstage screen will be designed to essentially cover the stage, and will work as another content bridge, allowing graphics to move seamlessly from screen to screen. In another visual twist, the screen will occasionally feature a 24' x 40' 16:9 PIP (picture-in-picture) video while graphics run in a background layer across the entire upstage screen.

To accommodate all of these graphical layers, GoVision added three MBOX Media Servers to the production set-up. These servers will drive and layer the content so each of the screens can work independently, or all can work as one.

In addition, two delay screens - measuring 9.5' x 16.8' and 12.6' x 21', respectively, and comprised of Panasonic Impact 10mm LED tiles - will be positioned in Centennial Park to enable the huge crowds far away from the stage to still have a great view. The Big Dance Music Festival is expected to draw more than 150,000 concert fans.

"The festival is a great event, and it presents some unique challenges because each of the three days is like a new festival unto itself," said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision, LP. "So our screens will play a big role in defining each day's identity, while giving each of the title sponsors a creative canvas for stamping their brand on their day."

On Friday, April 6th, the AT&T Block Party will be headlined by the Zac Brown Band. MUSE will anchor Saturday's Coke Zero Countdown. And Sunday's Capital One Jamfest will close out the festival with Sting and the Dave Matthews Band.

Yet another 9.5' x 16.8' screen comprised of Panasonic 10mm tiles will be set-up in the Capital One Activation Area on the festival grounds. Attendees will be able to interact with this display via tweet-to-screen and pics-to-screen.

GoVision partnered with New York-based UVLD to handle the media servers and content management, and with Nashville-based TNDV to manage the live camera production for the festival.

"With this festival changing identities every day for each sponsor, we wanted to cover the stage in LED and make everything digital," said Andre Plaisance with Turner Sports. "GoVision helped turn our concept into reality while taking over the video production elements as well. Each sponsor will be able to take advantage of this unique visual platform by building customized content, thereby maximizing their festival branding."

GoVision has also designed an eye-catching entry screen to welcome invited guests to CBS' "Madness After Dark" party at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. Sponsored by Infiniti, guests will enter beneath a brilliant LED Arch comprised of Panasonic Impact 8mm tiles, which will be visible from blocks away. Once inside, a 10' x 16.8' screen, also constructed from Panasonic's state-of-the-art 8mm panels, will serve as the Main Stage backdrop for performances by LL Cool J (Friday evening) and Sting (Saturday).

"It's going to be a very busy weekend in Atlanta, but our team has been tested by fire at virtually every major event you can think of," said Curtis. "That's why Turner Sports, the NCAA and so many blue-chip companies rely on GoVision, when it has to be perfect every time."

GoVision frequently works with the NCAA at its various sporting events, including several Final Four tournaments in recent years.


HUMBLE, TX - For the 8th consecutive year, the Shell Houston Open enlisted GoVision to provide a wide array of state-of-the-art LED screens to make certain that every spectator had an up-close view of the PGA Tour's leading stars in action.

The tournament, held March 25-31 at Redstone Golf Club, featured five GoVision screens stationed at key locations around the course:
  • Three 5' x 10' Lighthouse Impact 8mm screens in the Champions Pavilion
  • A 10' x 10' Lighthouse Impact 8 angled screen, which was visible from both directions, at the Main Entrance
  • A 9' x 16' Daktronics PST-12HD screen on Hole 16; and
  • An 18' x 48' Daktronics PST-12HD at the 18th green.

In addition, GoVision provided two cameras and operators to cover the Caddie Races held near its screen on the 16th hole as well as for the Easter Sunday Sunrise Service held for all attendees, tournament volunteers, players and their families in the Champions Pavilion.

"GoVision has been the screen provider for the Shell Houston Open for a number of years and they continue to provide high quality video equipment with reliable technical support which serves to enhance our customers' experience," said Steve Timms, tournament director for the Shell Houston Open.

Jumbo LED screens will help crowds see VIP speakers, videos

DALLAS (March 18, 2013) - Thousands of Dallas-area men are expected to gather in downtown Dallas this Saturday for the first "Rally Against Domestic Violence." And to help the anticipated crowds follow a Who's Who lineup of local dignitaries, GoVision is positioning two massive mobile LED units at key vantage points around Dallas City Hall Plaza.

GoVision LP, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, is partnering with Freeman AV, one of the country's leading production companies, to ensure that the groundbreaking event goes off without a hitch.

Argyle, TX-based GoVision is providing two of its 9' x 16' "GoBig" mobile LED units, comprised of Daktronics PST-12HD tiles, for the rally. One will be positioned at the intersection of Akard and Marilla Streets, and the other will be placed at Marilla and Young Streets in Dallas City Hall Plaza.

"This is an important event and a cause that's near and dear to all of us at GoVision, so we are honored to be involved," said Chris Curtis, GoVision's president. "We hope City Hall will be overflowing with strong men who agree that 'enough is enough' when it comes to domestic abuse. We'll do our part to make sure they all have a great view of Mayor Rawlings, the local sports legends and all the other VIPs that are participating in the rally."

The Rally Against Domestic Violence is being organized by Dallas Men Against Abuse, and will be hosted by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. He will be joined by former Dallas Cowboy greats Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith, cornerback Brandon Carr, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Ambassador Ron Kirk and others. WFAA Sports Anchor Dale Hansen has agreed to give his personal testimony and commentary at the rally.

Four-sided screens added beneath world's largest indoor LED screen

ARLINGTON, TX (March 25, 2013) - Who'd have thought you'd need to hang more video screens in the middle of Cowboys Stadium? Yet that's exactly what GoVision is doing for the 2013 NCAA® Men's Basketball Tournament South Regionals to be held March 29-31. The regional is a precursor to the 2014 NCAA Men's Final Four®, also scheduled for Cowboys Stadium.

Argyle-based GoVision, one of the nation's premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units, will construct and suspend a giant four-sided LED screen directly beneath the iconic, world-record-sized screen that dominates the stadium's interior. The slightly smaller structure will enable fans sitting courtside during the basketball tournament to see the video boards, as well as a scoreboard that will be integrated into the top of the video on each screen. Fans watching at home will also be able to see GoVision's giant screens.

The modular video wall is comprised of matching 17.8' x 40.4' screens paired with twin 15.1' x 18.6' screens, all constructed out of state-of-the-art Panasonic Impact 8mm LED panels. The Panasonic tiles offer excellent image clarity, high resolution, wide viewing angles and exceptional 6000-nit brightness, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

"With the Final Four headed to Arlington next year, GoVision is ensuring that every fan in the stadium can have the ultimate viewing experience, including those sitting down by the court," said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision, LP. "The LED structure we're building is huge by any standards, but will be especially eye-popping when it's hanging just below the granddaddy of them all."

GoVision is no stranger to Cowboys Stadium, having formed a unique partnership with the team in 2009 to incorporate the LED screens stationed in the outside plazas into its rental inventory. GoVision removes the screens when not in use for Cowboys games, takes them to events across the country, re-installs them and shares the revenue with the Cowboys.


"Justin became part of our team very early in our company's history. Since day one he has immersed himself in our business. Our success and growth can directly be attributed to his pivotal role in building our operation, along with his work ethic, knowledge and get-it-done attitude. It is with great pleasure that I announce Justin's promotion to Vice President of Production Services for GoVision. It is a well-deserved promotion. Now let's find out if he reads our newsletter, because if he doesn't, he's going to be wondering why everyone is telling him congratulations.

Justin, Thank You for everything and Congratulations!"
- Chris Curtis, GoVision President

As one of the first employees of GoVision, how did you meet Chris Curtis and end up part of the GoVision team?
I was doing the annual Cowboys Happy Hills Farm show at the Hotel Intercontinental. The client told me some guy wanted to hang an LED wall in the ballroom. We didn't have the space or rigging points, and I was given the task of meeting the Ops Manager to explain the situation. I went to the meeting expecting him to force the screen on us and demand I make it work which is more often than not the way things go. Fran McGill was the Operations Manager and understood it would not work. We started talking about GoVision. It sounded like a great place to work. I was looking for a change, so we kept in touch. He called me 6 months later and told me he was leaving and asked if I would like to interview for his job. I met Chris at the Keller office which at the time seemed in the middle of nowhere. It was in a small metal building in suburban Keller across from soccer and baseball fields. I had worked for A/V companies based in the Dallas industrial areas so the GoVision location was quite a departure. I met Chris in his office, and we had a semi-formal interview. He presented me with a great ground floor opportunity to help build the company.

Since this month marks your 10th Anniversary with GoVision, tell us how GoVision has changed over the past 10 years.
The mobile LED truck units were the main focus for the first couple of years. Modular screens and creative projects have surpassed the mobile side now. I used to look for drivers who could just get the trucks from point A to point B without tearing it up. Now I try to find good screen techs who can build a screen without tearing it up. We moved into a proper warehouse with plenty of space for equipment and a structure for building screens. Our old place was pretty small and the landlord lived behind us in a tour bus. He was a surly bitter old man who was always keeping an eye on us and often fighting with us. I had to deal with him every day for about two years. We have also hired some very skilled techs who can handle anything the Sales department throws at us.

In 10 years, you've had the opportunity to work on some incredible shows. What are your most memorable Top 10 Shows?
1. Bush 2nd Inauguration
2. Obama 1st Inauguration
3. 2010 Final 4
4. 2011 Cowboys Halftime show
5. Bush Library Ground Breaking Ceremony
6. 2012 Ryder Cup
7. March 2003 Winston Cup (My first GoVision event)
8. Byron Nelson Championship
9. Colonial Championship
10. 2013 Final Four

Does one show stand out as the most challenging or the most exciting? Why?
Logistically - The first Obama Inauguration. It was not so much of a technical challenge but more of logistical challenge. Getting everyone through security screening and backing up 70' trucks to the Capital steps is quite a challenge.

Technically - Golf is always a challenge. Every year we try and expand the production and produce more screen content for the crowd. It takes a lot of equipment that is setup all over the course and there are always weather, heat issues, and many other factors that make it a challenge. It's kind of like doing corporate breakout rooms but setting up in the mud, the rain, and no air conditioning.

In 10 years you've accumulated quite a bit of vacation time. If money were no object, where would you go for your dream vacation?
Cuba. It's supposed to be frozen in time. Nothing has changed much from the fifties.

We know you don't get much, but what do you like to do in your spare time?
Spend time with my wife and three kids.

Standard Equipment
Standard swiss back pack
500 gig FireWire usb 3 HHD
SMD mini Maglite (So bright it reflects back. Great for checking fiber lines)
Various flash drives (You would be surprised how many are left behind by people)
IPad mini with VGA connection (Works great when you need to run a logo loop with keynote or a video loop.)
Nexus 7 (For watching movies, reading, etc)
Dell Latitude (I would prefer Mac but too many control systems still use Windows. I have used boot camp and virtual systems but it is a pain to switch between systems on one computer)
Verizon Air card Moxi USB to serial converter Thunderbolt to DVI Thunderbolt to VGA Leatherman (No particular type I tend to lose them)

Set of fiber rattlers (Don't believe in cat5 converters, fiber has always been the way to go)
7" Test monitor with battery DVI, HDSDI, composite inputs AJA HDSDI 1-6 DA AJA composite to SDI converter (Try to keep everything digital. Cleaner that way)
Composite Humbucker
Milwalkee18 volt drill
MacBook Pro
Nikon D5000 camera
Cheap Camcorder (like to setup a confidence monitor if I can)
500 st to st multimode fiber
Wireless router
NetGear Network switch

Windows Software
Nero video (Works great to edit video fast and create DVDs onsite)
Adobe Photoshop elements (Used for editing logos, batch graphic conversion)
Microsoft office

Mac software
Final Cut suite
Adobe creative suite
Playback pro plus
Pro presenter

Favorite Quote:
These are problems created by man and they can be solved by man.

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   GoVision Rallies with Dallas Men Against Abuse

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