GoVision brings more to sporting events than just video replays. In Norman, Oklahoma, GoVision continued to enhance the game day atmosphere in several ways for the second consecutive season. The national championship contending Sooners utilize GoBig at several locations, including the broadcast of a live post-game television show with the coaches at Campus Corner.

With little travel time available after the Detroit Pistons unexpected upset of the LA Lakers in the 2004 NBA Finals, GoVision proved up to the task in delivering the much-needed screen after an overnight trip from Texas … with a little help from some new friends in the Motor City.

Fiesta San Antonio, the second largest public event in the United States, allowed GoVision to showcase the unique flexibility of GoBig. The dynamic truck was able to display over 50 events at 32 locations during the 10-day festivities in April.

LED screens have become a form of art. One of GoVision’s GO BIG units was part of a moving “artwork” during the Vita Brevis program at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston, May 13-15.

The New Trade Show Sensation

Monday, 03 March 2003 by

GoVision drove GoBig around the Moscone Center, where the convention was held, and ran commercials and presentations featuring IAS. This was a strong addition to the booth that IAS had inside the building and generated a lot of excitement and talk on the trade show floor.