No one questions the positive impact massive LED screens can have on the fan experience at sporting events. Many sports marketing professionals have witnessed the excitement first-hand, and wouldn’t dream of staging their events without one.

But only recently have creative minds turned these fan favorites into lucrative new profit centers by engaging sponsors in innovative promotional opportunities that
otherwise wouldn’t exist.

As we gear up for the busy fall sports season, we’ve compiled just a few of these “Best Practices” to help you make the most of your GoVision rental. Of course, our team is always ready to work with you to customize your game-day experience and create your own mobile video success story.

Step 1: “Holy cow! Where can I get me one of those?”
GoVision offers a wide range of LED sizes to dazzle crowds of any size – from the 9′ x 12′ “GoTron” unit to our 9’x 16′ HD “GoBig” screens to the largest high-definition mobile LED screen in the country, “GoBigger” – a 19’x 33′ colossus that gives a whole new meaning to jumbo video. Choose the one that best fits your needs – or maybe multiple units are needed – then put the game on and watch the crowds flock to the screen.

Now that you’ve got their attention …

Best Practice No. 1: Turn commercial breaks into sponsor visibility.
America’s largest brands spend fortunes to advertise during televised sporting events; but you aren’t required to broadcast their ads. Turn that valuable time into commercial inventory on your GoVision screen, priced according to the size and demographics of your captive audience.

Sponsors will appreciate that nobody in the crowd has a remote control to change the channel or forward through their commercials. For even more lasting – and valuable – exposure, sell sponsor signage that frames the screen.

Best Practice No. 2: “Location, Location, Location!”
If there’s one thing we know, it’s that people are drawn to TV screens in places where they least expect them. Try placing a GoVision LED in your largest booster’s parking lot or along your “vendor row” and watch the crowds grow exponentially. Larger crowds translate into higher sponsor fees.

Best Practice No. 3: “Double the pleasure … double the revenue.”

Why limit yourself to a single location and revenue opportunity when you can double or even triple the fan fest experience? GoVision’s quick set-up time allows you to offer a pre-game experience in one location with a post-game experience in another. Use your screen to draw crowds to a popular pre-game hang-out, then filter fans from the stadium to another sponsor location for a post-game coach’s show or radio station remote. Extend the length of your event, keep the crowds involved and give your sponsors more bang for their buck.

Best Practice No. 4: “Go off the reservation.”
For a small fraction of the daily rental fee, GoVision can arrive a day earlier – or stay a day later – to give your sponsors additional promotional opportunities. For example, offer GoVision to a sponsor for their Friday night bash prior to your Saturday game-day rental. The screen serves the dual purpose of promoting your sponsor while building excitement for the main event. And you’ve just created another revenue stream!

Best Practice No. 5: “Make technology your friend.”
Audience interaction is one of the most effective ways to enhance the game-day experience for sponsors and fans alike. GoVision offers state-of-the-art technology that brings fans into the game, from text-to-screen messages scrolling below the live feed to real-time online voting (driven to your web site) for MVP or “Play of the Game” honors. We can even operate remote cameras that give fans unexpected screen time, and broadcast sponsor promotions and giveaways on the big screen.

These are just a few of the ways savvy sports and event marketers are harnessing the power of GoVision to add value to their game-day experiences. Let us help create your own best practices. Call us today and let’s brainstorm together!