GoVision can be a helpful tool for maximizing sponsorship opportunities for any Festival either large or small.

Advertising Screen

  • Sponsors Commercials: GoVision can play your sponsors commercials to the crowd giving them an obvious presence at the event. With all of the money spent on television advertising, you would be able to offer the same practice but with a more projected demographic and the fact that they can’t tune out their message like “changing the channel” on a television.
  • Sponsors Logos: For those sponsors who do not spend a lot of resources on television advertising, GoVision can also show any sponsors logo to give them a presence at your event.
  • Sponsor Production Segments: You can offer sponsorships for pieces of the live production. Here are some examples: ‘Schedule brought to you by…”, “Live Concert Production brought to you by…”, “Trivia brought to you by…”. A sponsor can participate with the audience.

Live Entertainment Screen

  • Concert Video Production: GoVision also offers full video production packages. If you have live entertainment at your event, GoVision can capture the action and project on to the screen giving the entertainment extra exposure. This is also a good way to mix in the sponsorship content with the live entertainment.
  • Exposure Across the Event: GoVision can also capture content for you events’ vendors. If there are other attractions at your event then we can walk around highlighting some of the other entertainment options and promoting them on our screen. This allows you to create exposure for sponsors, vendors and the entertainment at your event.

More Entertainment Options

Use the idea of our screens being large TVs to your advantage:

  • Show Sporting Events: If there is a local professional franchise in your market then let’s show their games.
  • Add Local Flavor: Have a local channel who is a sponsor show their 6 o’ clock news everyday on our screen.
  • Add Participation: Hook up a video game console and create a Madden Football Tournament for kids to play outdoors on our humongous screens.
  • Think Out Of The Box: All suggestions are welcome to. How can we add entertainment value to your event.

Our goal for any event is to provide a service that allows a client extra revenue possibilities. We do not want to be an added cost but a revenue generating concept.

If GoVision can ever be of service, please feel free to contact us with any ideas you might have.

Remember, GoBig or Don’t Go At All!