The GoVision Story

GoVision – Our Story

(Updated: Nov 2013)

Before we give you our side of the story, we thought we’d put some of our clients first – as we always do – and let them have their say about GoVision …

As they have for years, GoVision is helping us make the in-game spectator experience at our tournaments truly spectacular. Cowboys Stadium is an awesome, one-of-a-kind venue, but it presents some special challenges for basketball games. GoVision is addressing one of those challenges with a brilliant solution that everyone in the stadium will appreciate.

— Andy Arnold, Director of NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship (Final Four)

We couldn’t have put on the amazing event we did without the GoVision team and their incredible LED equipment. The headliners all incorporate creative video and special effects into their acts, and GoVision made it all come to life in a spectacular way.

— Stefan Beese, Owner & President

A track as massive as the Speedway needs big screens that work as well in daylight as they do at night. We also can’t afford any downtime or technical problems on race day, which is why GoVision has been such a valued partner of ours for so many years. I just don’t have to worry about our video screens. They’ve got it covered.

— Eddie Gossage, General Manager of Texas Motor Speedway

GoVision is one of the elite LED rental firms in the world.

— Yoichi Morishita, president of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

Chris Curtis

Chris Curtis

Of course, GoVision didn’t start off at the top of the heap when Chris Curtis founded the company in 2002. But it didn’t take long to make its mark in the industry.

Curtis was largely responsible for the creation of the portable daylight large screen industry. He co-founded Motion Graphics, the pioneer of the category, in 1991, and purchased the business outright in 1992. Three years later, Curtis merged the company with BCC Video’s Jumbotron division to form Screenworks, now the industry’s largest player. He sold his interest in Screenworks in 1998 to concentrate on other opportunities.

A few years later, recognizing an opportunity presented by a shift in LED technology, Curtis founded GoVision with just two mobile LED units. He pulled out his Rolodex and soon secured contracts with the Billy Graham Crusades in Dallas, Texas Motor Speedway and the UT/OU football game.

GoVision was in business!



Since then, the company has provided LED screens for three Presidential Inaugurations, formed innovative screen-sharing alliances with the Dallas Cowboys and TCU, introduced the world’s largest high-definition mobile screen (GoBigger), built the world’s largest free-standing LED screen for the Boy Scouts’ 100th Anniversary Jamboree and, in all, provided world-class video technology at more than 2,600 events!

Today, GoVision L.P. is one of the nation’s premier suppliers of customized modular LED walls and turnkey mobile LED units. We specialize in state-of-the-art video solutions, from the most complex modular configurations, custom-built to any size, to our fleet of turnkey mobile units. We stand apart from the competition due to our relentless pursuit of perfection in the unpredictable live event business.

You’ve seen our screens at Major League Baseball and NBA All Star Games, NCAA Final Fours, the Ryder Cup and U.S. Open Championships and the Gaylord Opryland Grand Reopening. We are the screen provider of the Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas Cowboys Stadium Plaza, the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee, University of Oklahoma football and several PGA tournaments.

Millions of people have also seen us at smaller, local events – music and arts festivals, church gatherings, high school games and corporate functions. No matter how large or small the event, our clients always get the same level of detail, focus and execution. As a small business ourselves, we understand tight budgets. That’s why we are happy to discuss, scope and identify solutions to meet most any budget.

GoVision 5mm Indoor LED tiles

GoVision 5mm Indoor LED tiles

Now well into our second decade, we’re not resting on our laurels.

In 2012, GoVision entered into a groundbreaking lease agreement with Panasonic Corporation of North America that effectively doubled our rental inventory of state-of-the-art modular LED tiles. We are now the proud providers of 2,400 square feet of Impact 8 and 1,070 square feet of Impact 10 SMD (surface mount diode) tiles. The 8mm panels are the highest resolution outdoor rental LEDs in the world and GoVision is the first company in the industry to offer these “true 8mm” outdoor products.

Roughly a year later, we announced two state-of-the-art additions to our industry-leading LED inventory. Our new GoVision 5mm Indoor LED tiles offer premium, high-end resolution and image quality and allow us to continue our rapid growth in the indoor event segment of the rental industry.

These indoor-specific LEDs offer exceptional image quality and are helping us meet heightened demand during the winter months when more and more events shift inside. This state-of-the-art technology is especially popular with our more creative clients due to its light weight and extraordinary image and resolution, which allow the panels to be viewed from as close as three feet, without loss of clarity. Their light weight also opens new possibilities for indoor venues that lack traditional rigging. In addition, the technology has become more cost effective whereas standard 4mm and 5mm equipment has typically been extremely expensive to rent.

GoVision 10mm SMD CF

GoVision 10mm SMD CF

We also added new ultra-light GoVision 10mm SMD CF, currently the lightest LED tiles in the world. To put this in perspective, traditional “lightweight” products can weigh 80 pounds per LED tile/panel. The 10mm CF – the CF stands for carbon fiber, which explains how the tile can be both light and sturdy – weighs just 10 pounds each! Because of its extreme light weight, our clients will be able to use LEDs in applications that have never before been possible.

“Think Times Square, giant LED arches, massive screens in smaller venues that can’t support traditional LED trusses and rigging,” said Curtis, upon introducing the new tiles. “The possibilities are endless, and we’re having lots of fun dreaming up innovative ways to deploy this revolutionary technology at our clients’ events.”

The coolest thing about GoVision, though, is that we’re just getting started! Stay tuned for even more groundbreaking announcements as we continue to push the envelope in video technology on behalf of our loyal long-term, and newer, clients.