Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait until it is totally dark outside to use GoVision’s Screens?
No, that is the beauty of our Outdoor LED technology. Our screens can be seen in full daylight.

Do you have a set price?
No, each job is customized for the specific needs of our clients.

Are you a regional company or are your services available nationwide?
GoVision is nationwide, we even travel to Mexico and Canada.

Does GoVision sell advertising signage?
No, but our mobile units can be used for promotional purposes for specific events. Click here for tips on using GoVision to maximize sponsor opportunities.

Does GoVision only offer mobile units?
No. GoVision also has one of the largest inventories of both indoor and outdoor Modular LED Panels in the country. Click here for more information on our Modular LED options.

Does GoVision only rent LED solutions?
No, GoVision is a leader in both LED Rental and LED Sales/Installation. In fact, in April of 2016 GoVision sold & installed the World’s Largest Outdoor Center-Hung LED Screen (Named Colossus) at Bristol Motor Speedway. We have very deep capabilities and focus on delivering complete solutions for both our rental & install clients.

Can you help me develop content to be shown on my screen?
Of course, GoVision has a very talented Creative Services Team and we can play as small or large a role as you need for us to build out content and bring your digital asset to life.

Do you have any individual based consumer products/solutions or is everything you do Business to Business?
In Sept of 2016 GoVision launched it’s first consumer based solution called GoVision TV, bringing the same Stadium-Quality LED screen technology to homes and businesses across the country. In fact, this award winning product has already won 2 “Best of Show” awards …. click here to get more info on the GoVision TV